The State of the Union

10/18/2015 08:36:00 PM
Oh, Two Pretzels Blog. I have missed you, so... It's been a long week.

Where to even start.

Shall we take it from the top?  We'll do it in numerical order since that is helpful for someone like me.

1.) So I came home from work some weeks ago and told the husband I couldn't FATHOM doing what I was doing (I can be prone to the dramatic with him.) I love so many of the people I worked with, and I used to have a passion for it... but... at some point... you

(I'd been working there for nearly 10 years. Same position - which was a great position. Just... you know... change. I needed change.)

2.) That night, I received an email from someone about a potential opportunity that is exactly in line with my current passions: health, taking care of you, exercise, nutrition, marketing, social media, blogging, etc. When I read the posting online I laughed out loud and thought, "Um. yeah. This would work."

3.) Resume was updated. (Not wholly needed, though. Job gettin' is different these days. Ya'll - get a blog.)

4.) Interviews/conversations were had.

5.) New awesome opportunity was offered.

6.) New awesome opportunity was accepted.

7.) Previous position of nearly a decade was over. I done quit. But when you resign from something that you once loved, you want to leave it as nicely and as neatly as possible. Besides, that's what good people do. Karma is real, friends. So, the past couple of weeks have been a very, very busy time.

8.) So my last day was Friday, October 9th. I had a wonderful party with so many wonderful people.

9.) I flew to San Francisco to meet the new opportunity on Monday, October 12th. (Who needs time?)

10.) I just got back yesterday, Saturday the 17th.

And boom.

And like that - my life changed.

And I'm BEYOND excited.

The week in San Francisco was incredible. I am beyond excited about the new opportunity. I loved the city. I loved the team. I saw one of my favorite friends on the planet. I spent time with my family. You guys, my sweet friends and supporters over the years... you have no idea how happy I am.


I'm also thrilled that my coaching is completely going well and the new company is 100% supportive of that whole endeavor.

I AM doing what I LOVE TO DO.
In every aspect of my life.
I am doing what I believe in.

I can't wait to tell you more when it's the right time.


And here's the personal introspective part that I feel the need to write about because I can because it's me and this is my blog and I can be a bit self-indulgent sometimes.

If you would have told me in AUGUST that my life would have changed THIS MUCH by mid-October, I would have thought you to be delusional.

But that's because we have no idea how quickly our lives can change. I learned this with my Mom on that horrendous day in 2013. And I learned it again, recently.

Before I left my decade-long-position, I started taking home personal items from my awesome, huge-windowed office I started emotionally separating from my space. I wanted something NEW. Something bigger.

Never in my life have I been more open to whatever was in store for me. Never. In the morning, I'd write in my journal, "I'm yours for the taking, Lord. You've gotten me through so much, I know you won't fail me now."

I want to feel peace about whatever's next. And I feel it.

My new and great and amazing opportunity is awesome. And for as long as it lasts, it will please me. But no matter what... life is different now.

I have decided to follow my passion.
I am going to spend time on what I believe in.
I am going to live the life that God has intended for me and I am open to whatever comes my way.


And you know what?

I feel like tomorrow morning is CHRISTMAS. Why?

BECAUSE I WILL BE WORKING FROM HOME. On projects that are important to me. On projects that I feel will make an impact.

And best? I'm going to be home when they get home from school and I won't have to rush back to the office.

I will be home.



So there's more to the story. There's been more offers. And more opportunities and possibilities and I cannot get over how when you just leap... a net appears.


I am so thankful.
I am so excited.
I am so ready.



P.S. I need for you all to know that I have the single-most supportive husband on the planet. He selflessly gives. He listens. He supports. He honestly believes in me more than I do. Craig Ross, you're the best. You're my everything and I adore you with every ounce of my soul. Thank you for loving me all.of.the.times. xoxo

 So, there we are right now...

...there will be more to come. You can bet on it.



  1. Well then. This made MY day completely! Go you! Can't wait to hear more.

  2. Yay!!! This is so incredibly exciting! A huge congratulations again, Kylee! I'm so unbelievable happy for you!

  3. So so so excited for you! You deserve this and so much more!

  4. Wow, so exciting! I'm so happy for you!

  5. So, so, so overjoyed for all of this cosmic wonderfulness. God is good...

  6. You deserve every thrill, every goosebump, every smile, in fact I hope you are smiling so much it makes your face hurt, I love that kind of smile!


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