Here's to a dozen years.

10/25/2015 08:08:00 AM
Sweet man.

I have this collection of moments...
I have this colllection of memories from my life...

You're so intricately woven into this collection that it brings my heart joy beyond measure.

I smile, sweet Craig - when I think of the day I met you in 1997 and what you were wearing.
I smile when I think of the cards - the multiple cards - that you'd mail me every week when I was away in college.
I smile when I think of us sitting around the table with my little sister and my Mom playing whatever card game my Mom made us play; with her changing the rules the entire time.
I smile when I think of us meeting in the small gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art just minutes before we walked down the aisle.
I smile when I remember seeing your face as you held the baby who made you a Daddy... on Father's Day.
I smile when I see them fall into you, lean into you, cry on your shoulder, cuddle with you...

I smile because I loved you then, but oh, oh... I love you more now.

You are loyal, thoughtful, kind and strong.
You're never self-serving and always ethical and ALWAYS brilliant.
You don't need the attention... you just want a meal every now and then. :) And even with that - you're pretty flexible.

Being married to you is the joy of my life.

There is no other person for me and I cannot fathom not having you.

You're my best friend. You laugh at nearly ALL of my jokes. You encourage me. You believe in me. You're the BEST DADDY on the planet. You are the king of charcoal grilling. You are funny. You are so cute.

I love you to the moon and back and I am so glad that you asked me to be your wife so many moons ago...

Happy anniversary, my love.
Let's keep this thing we've got going. You in?

(I think we're still cute. Here we are 2 days shy of our 12-year anniversary.
May it be noted we've been together, sans a breakup, since 1997. That's 18 years.)


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