BIG changes and more.

10/06/2015 10:45:00 PM
Much like McDonald's huge changes (serving breakfast all day), there are some sizable and exciting changes happening in my life, too.

This week, ok the past six or so weeks, have been insane... more news on that later.

Stick with me, though. There will be some good posts coming...

Specifically this one. I'm a little nervous to put it all out there, but why not? YOU are my peeps.

That's me in 2009 on the left, and that's me in 2015 on the right.

I'm feeling good.

I want you to feel good. (I am *loving* coaching. It's a game changer for me.)


What else is happening? Let me take stock quickly for you:

  • It's still hot here. Like 90's. It's getting old. Bra sweat. (Yep.) Back sweat. ALL the sweat. (Gross.)
  • Lila's first real school test is tomorrow. It's matematicas. 
  • Vivienne is learning to read. She's really good at sounding things out. She has a very strong and deliberate sounding-out-voice. 
  • I put way too much cinnamon in my yogurt the other day and I thought my throat was ON FIRE. (Be careful with that. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.)
  • I watched SNL this past weekend (as I always do, thank you Dad) and Miley Cyrus was a hot mess. So sad. I mean, so sad. 
  • THIS insect was in my house last week. Another was trying to get into my house tonight. (Note: this is not the photo from either of the actual sightings. In fact, I was far too busy SCREAMING in Sighting #1 and wouldn't even go NEAR it for Sighting #2. Vivi thought it was cool, though.) 

That just about sums it up.

Happy Hump Day.


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