What they say. Volume VIII.

We were in the car. Lila driving. Vivienne and I in the backseat. (They do things differently down here on the Baja.)

Not true. I was driving, the girls were in the backseat. Because they're 4.5 and 6. But it is true that they do things a bit differently on the Baja. (See my previous post.)

I digress. (As usual.)

The conversation:

Vivi: "Mommy? Do dreams come true?"

Lila immediately interrupted: "No, Vivi."

Vivi repeats herself, ignoring her sister: "Mommy, do dreams come true?"

Me: "Yes. Of course they do."

[I look in the rearview mirror. She's got a triumphant smile on her face. I love how she just believes me and trusts me. This will last forever, right?]

Lila, still not convinced: "Well my dream hasn't come true."

Me: "Oh really, which dream?"

Lila: "You know it, I can't say it out loud or it really won't come true."

Me to Lila: "You can tell me anything. Even your dreams. When you tell me your dreams they'll totally still come true."

So I ask her, "Are we talking about the unicorn?"

Lila responded. "Yep. Still no unicorn."




I have a bit of a gluten intolerance. (Not allergy. Too much information? Sure.)

I ate bread, shouldn't have, it hurt, I was bloated.

Vivienne looks right at me and says, "Whoa, Mommy. You look full."


Thanks for noticing.


The girls are slightly obsessed with the character "Sadness" from the movie Inside Out. (She's super cute.)

Lila colored this picture of her.

Vivienne felt like it was time for her to be happy.


Kids are cool.


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