The Easy Omelet - Ode to the Cuisinart Egg Central

**Not a sponsored post. I just adore my Egg Central.

Some onions, tomatoes, spinach, and basil. (The equivalent of one GREEN container, on the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan.)

Two eggs (One RED container)

Cheddar cheese (Half of a BLUE container)

Spray your little pan that comes with the Egg Central.

Add spinach and onion.

Next up, the tomatoes.

Add the basil. (Seriously, the basil is

Add the cheese.

Mix up the eggs and pour 'em in.

Fill up the Egg Central cupu to "Omelet" and pour into the base of the Egg Central.

Place it on the base.

Cover and let the magic happen.

About 12 or so minutes later, you have THIS goodness.

Um, yum.

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  1. Hm...I realized at the end that I have one of these, but I've only used it for hard boiling eggs, and I LOOOOVE it. I should try the other insert options some day apparently! (i've only had it for *5* years - ha!). Looks delish!


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