Sweet Sally.

9/30/2015 09:18:00 PM
This is the only SUP cake I could find on the google. Disappointing, no?

My SAL! (Een's Bob.)
We love you.
Yeah, it's really that simple.
The B family loves you. (Including Ferg.)
Lila and Vivi want to return to your house and be on the boat with you. (So do we.)
Craig and I love you and the Mr.

You are so wonderful.
It's funny how friends just sort of become family, isn't it?
I'm so thankful for that...
You are beautiful, obviously - but you are authentically caring and kind and you have the most beautiful soul.

We love you so much, Sal.

We're so glad you were born. Happy, happy birthday.


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  1. I'm really glad she (Pal, to me) was born too!


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