Sparkles showing? How to quickly fix your grays.

9/22/2015 03:00:00 PM
So I've got grey hair. (Who doesn't? I'm human.)

This isn't something new in my life. I wasn't full-on Golden Girls grey at 25, but let's just say, I've always had "sparkles," as Lila calls 'em.


Top. Hairline. Where my part is.

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So, there's this great little spray for your hair that gets you by in between coloring. It's pretty fantastic, really.

(This adds weeks to your appointment gaps, friends.)

Before and after:

(Not sure why I turned yellow in the second pic.)

So yeah. There you go.

I look quite angry.

*Not a sponsored post!


On another note, I woke up the other morning and Lila and Vivi said I looked like Anna from Frozen...

I was like, "They're so sweet!"

Then they said, " Anna after she woke up on Coronation day."


Kids, stop speaking the truth, mmmmkay?


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  1. I have a friend who swears by the hair powder!

    My favorite is when you're told, I REALLY liked that other dress you had on, as in why in the world are you wearing that ugly thing :)


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