MexMo: Huh?

9/28/2015 05:08:00 AM
So, the only way I get mail in Cabo is by "renting" a supremely overpriced mailbox from a placed called "Mailboxes" in San Jose del Cabo. It's not a "Mailboxes, Etc." because they literally offer no discernable services other than: mailboxes.  The address of my mailbox is based in San Ysidro, CA -- a border town -- and somehow (I don't ask questions), it just arrives down here in Cabo.

I don't know how it gets here or who brings it, but I don't imagine it's wholly legal.

Still, I pay for it.

Yes, I pay to receive magazines and Christmas cards. (Hashtag, priorities.)

I like to feel like an American and I like mail and I like paper and I like to receive letters and the like. (I was an amazing pen pal as a kid.) So, I feel like an American by going to my mailbox and checking for mail every week or so. I unlock my box and attempt to pry out the Real Simple, Harper's Bazar and Vanity Fair magazines that are CRAMMED into my 4 inch by 4 inch mailbox.

(Sigh. What they do to mail is unacceptable. Oh, Mexico.)

The mail system at Mailboxes isn't all that consistent. Translation: I send Disneyland ticket info to the box? It never shows up. Junk mail? Shows up.

Basically, there's no system in Los Cabos that delivers mail in a timely manner.

At our old house, the mail person (who I never saw with my own eyes), would just throw randomly stamped envelopes on the rock wall outside of our house. He'd throw the entire community's mail there. Like, "Hey ya'll, here's the mail. Take what you want. I mean, whatever."

[shakes head, look of confusion on face. Insert eye roll.]

At our new house, we have a mailbox but the only thing that gets delivered to it is our $900 water bill. (Not kidding. Our last water bill was $900 USD. That's currently be "evaluated." I'm sure it will be resolved.)

So, I have this box that I had to renew. After I paid for the next six months of magazines, the guy handed me this:

I asked, "Que es?" (What is this?)

He told me it was was an ultraviolet "tool".

I literally stood there and was like, "Huh?"

My brain was trying to connect "mail" to "ultraviolet tool."

So I said what all mannerful people would say, "Oh muy bien. Gracias."

Then I walked to my car and was like, "What just happened?"


THIS is what happened.

Please notice on the top of the box, that has an "Appreval." It appears to be approved.

By what?

I don't now.

But I feel far more confident to have an "Appravelled" ultraviolet tool, than a non-apprvalled.

I'll tell you what just happened, though.

CABO just happened.

ONLY in Cabo do you get handed this. An ultraviolet tool.

With virtually no explanation.

I literally signed my name on my receipt, and he handed it to me.

He wasn't going to volunteer any info until I asked.

While I don't know if it accurately depicts the ultraviolet levels, I do know that it's a one-of-a-kind gift and a hit with Lila Pickle and Vivi Cake.

File this one under, "Didn't know I needed it, so glad I have it."

[shakes head.]


I love that I live here.


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  1. Hysterical. I just - well - I can't comprehend how or why this takes place. I love hearing about these oddities though. Keep 'em coming....


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