Lego shock.

9/24/2015 05:08:00 AM
So we're pretty into Legos in our house right now.

So fun.

And while the point of this post is not to discuss how insulted I am by the "Friends" and "Elves" Lego lines that are pink and purple and assume that girls only like pastel colors and that girls only want to build pop star tour buses and shopping malls (BARF), I just had to mention it.

I digress.

I was doing a little browsing on the lego website and ran across this "Identity and Landscape Kit."

Kindly go ahead and guess the price.


I'll tell you.

$789.99. But don't worry, you get 2,631 pieces.

See here.


I was just telling Craig the other day, "Yeah - we should either pay the girls' tuition or buy them these legos I found online..."


I sort of feel that we should all be investing in legos these days; the value appears to be more stable than the stock market.


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