Happy birthday to my friend... since 7th grade.

9/27/2015 09:13:00 PM

Jennifer Ann,

Does it make sense to say that we've been friends for 23 years? 
Because I'm pretty sure we've been friends for 23 years.

(How is that possible when we're just 29?)

YOU. Oh you.

You are an inspiration. You're real, friend. You're oh-so-real.
You grow and you encourage and you have left an indelible mark on my life.
You inspire me.
We're a sappy bunch, us two - and I hope that when we're old and gray, we're still a sappy bunch.
I am thankful that all these years later, we're still friends.
Thank you for being YOU.
Because, dear friend, there are very few like you. You are a gift.

I am so happy you were born.
I love you, Jenn.

Kylee Ann


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  1. Gah! Never sure how to comment on here, so I'm a reader of this blog but a non-poster (because of the laziness of figuring out how to do it.) And that is the pitiful, wonderful reality of my friendship with Kylee. She loves me anyway. She writes the most kind, special post for me even though I read and lurk. So, who knows what label will appear when this posts, but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your friendship for these 23 years. There are years where we are in closer contact that others, but I cannot tell you have incredible it has been to experience the perpetual open arms you direct my way. Love you, my dear, Kylee Ann.


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