Casa, sweet casa.

8/19/2015 03:24:00 PM
So, the day after my birthday we got up at the crack of dawn after about 4 hours of sleep and flew home to Cabo. Who needs sleep? (Me. I'm too old for this.)

With just a couple of flights we were back in Cabo by 2 p.m.

When we arrived, the weather was overcast and humid and perfect. (It reminded me a lot of Ohio, honestly.)

I was somewhat ambivalent about returning to Cabo. When I'm surrounded by friends and family in Northwest Ohio going back to our peninsula is sometimes... difficult.

"Wah, wah... but you live in paradise."

True. But guess what Lila asked me yesterday. "Mommy, can we go to Target?"

Dagger to the chest as I tried to explain... through tears... "Sweetie, there is no Target here."

"Or Taco Bell."

She gasped.

I sobbed and apologized for not allowing her to grow up like other Americans.


None of that happened.
I mean, she asked if she could go to Target. I reminded her where we were. Life went on.

Lesson learned.

You don't need Target to be happy.


I still find it hard to believe that my "home" is in Mexico, though.

So it seems that Craig and I have lived together longer in Mexico than we ever did in the States.
We started our family here.
We've grown up here.

I love it here.

Am I ready to leave?
Not quite yet.
Is it my forever home? Probably not.

I love living in a world that is not my own.
I love palm trees.
I love my friends, who have become family, here.
I love the simplicity.
I love the chilled attitude.
I love the sunshine and the beach.
I love the ocean.
I love the salty air.
I love being a guest in someone else's culture.
I love that my daughters' report cards are completely in Spanish.
I love their accents. go yet.

I mean, do you get to see treasures such as this when you're leaving your kids' school after a pre-school meeting?

Creo que no.



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