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8/12/2015 09:32:00 PM

The other day Lila asked me, "Mommy, do you want me to show you some magic from my pants?"

[insert quizzical look]

I wasn't quite sure how to answer that.

But before I could answer she was slipping a crayon into her pant leg and then slowly pulling it out as if it came out of no where.

"Look! Magic!"


This pretty much sums up our "vacation."

Complete and utter randomness.

Complete and utter randomness that [for the most part] makes me smile.

After their eyes were dilated. 

Each year I pack our summer vacation trip tight. is planned.

There's been cousins in Dallas.

A lake house trip to Michigan.

"Mommy, I love camping." Tee hee. Me too.


Cousins in Ohio.

A quick trip to Wisconsin to see my BEST friend...

And... well...

time spent together.


Craig and I bought a little bungalow last October in Ohio, in our hometown. In fact, in the neighborhood where we grew up. We've been paying for two storage units since we moved to Cabo in 2006. It was time to stop. So, we've spent time going through boxes, unpacking, donating, smiling... and yes... even crying. Like when I found a random pair of my Mom's socks...

The mini cell phone was popular with the kiddos. I haven't showed them my belly and tongue rings yet, though...



All this to say, life is full.

Have I seen and hugged everyone that I'd like to hug? No.
Have I taken all of the photos that I should be taking? No.
But truth?

I'm doing I've done the best I can.

I'm with my ladies.
I'm with my cute man.
I'm scootering with the kiddos.
I'm going to my church every Sunday with my family.
I'm eating some Taco Bell here and there.
I'm appreciative for this insanely full and wonderful and blessed life I have.

Life is good. And full. And wonderful.

And I'm happy.

How did I get this lucky?


So the other day my Aunt gifted Lila and Vivienne a couple of Beenie Boos. Have you seen them? They're cute little stuffed animals from the same makers of Beenie Babies. Lila has been hugging and carrying around hers, Zoey, all day/everyday. Tonight this happened after they were in bed:

Vivienne: "Mommy, Lila is crying... Can you come help her?"

Me: "Why is she crying?"

Vivi: "I don't know what what's up with her. Can you come in here?"

Me: [smiling] "Sure."

I go in there and Lila is crying the sad cry. Like the super-sad, heart is aching cry. She's holding Petal, the bunny that has been the center of her universe since she was old enough to hold things, and also Zoey, the new Beenie Boo.

Me: "Lila, what's wrong?"

Her: "I think I might love my Beenie Boo more than Petal... [insert sobbing] and that makes me feel bad."

Me: "That makes you feel bad for Petal?"

Her: "YES...." [more crying]


Maybe we're doing something right?

Empathy? Check.
Sensitivity? Check.


I explained that God gives us room in our heart to just.keep.loving. She'll have enough love for Petal and Zoey the Beenie Boo.


Here's to more and more love in our hearts



  1. OMG, I love that Beanie Boo story so much! And you have such a sweet family. Glad you guys had a great trip!

  2. My kids are obsessed with Beanie Boo's! They are actually playing with them right now as I'm typing this. :-)

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip. BTW Keira loves her dress and wears it all the time. You're the best! Your heart is full and I'm happy for you.


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