What they say. Vol. VII.

{"What They Say" posts are inspired by real-life conversations with my 4 and almost-6-year-old.}

Sisterhood. At least in my house.

1. The four-year-old calls our refrigerator a "refreezerator."

I will never correct her.


2. The almost-six-year-old was upset a while back when I was getting her out of the car after school.  She said, "Vivi won't let me live with her when we're big."

I asked, "Why not?"

Lila said, "Because Vivi is going to live with Nico (her boyfriend/self-proclaimed "husband") and I want to live with Vivi because I don't want to have to kiss anyone else."

Me: "Why do you have to kiss whoever you live with?"

Lila: "You kiss Daddy and you're big. I don't want to kiss anyone but my sister."

[I find this to be heartwarming... meanwhile...]

Vivi interrupts: "Lila I will not kiss you, but you can still live with me."

Lila shrugged her shoulders.

Sweet thing.

I love how kids look at adulthood.

I did tell her that she could just get a roommate and she wouldn't have to kiss the roommate and she said, "Mommy. I want to live in a house. NOT a 'room'."


Literal. Literal. Literal.


3. The girls are struggling with listening these days. Especially at bedtime. After Craig had told them to go to sleep, they kept talking.

After I got off of my conference call FORTY-FIVE-MINUTES-AFTER-THEY-WERE-ASKED-TO-GO-TO-BED, I told them to go to sleep.

I told them to remember the promise they made me earlier: the one where they "promised not to talk."

Well, not 2 seconds after I closed their bedroom door they were talking again.

I walked in and told them, "I am so disappointed in both of you. You know what you just did? You broke your promises. You are promise breakers. And promise breakers are the worst."

(Not my best parenting moment? But seriously, promise breakers are the worst.)

Vivi, our little Batman/Avenger/Spiderman/Superman is always up for a fight and she said, "Ok. We promise. We deserve another chance."

She wasn't remotely affected by my name-calling.

I walked out of the room.

Not 30 seconds later, Lila was wailing in her bed.

Back in I went.

Me: "Lila, why are you crying?"

Lila: "Because of you."

Me: "Oh?"

Lila: "Imagine if I called you a "promise breaker" and told you that you were the worst?"

(I love her.)

Me {feeling bad}: "Lila, promise breakers are the worst. But if you try again and KEEP your promise, then you won't be the worst..."

{I believe this is called back-peddling.}

Meanwhile Craig walks in.

Craig: "Lila. Enough. Go to sleep."

Her: "Ok."



4. So now, Vivi:

Apparently her favorite bear was sick. Her bear's name is, "Happy."

Vivi: "Happy is sick."

Me: "Oh really?" [Vivi had had just had croup, so I asked her, "Does she have croup?"]

Vivi: "No. She has diahrhea. [Totally serious.} And it's bad."

Lila: [laughing uncontrollably]

Vivi: "It's not funny. It's serious. It hurts her. It burns."


I can't even.


I'll leave you with that.



  1. i just busted out laughing at this series. i love those girls. i think we may have traumatized them some with our constantly reminding them when we were there that college consists of living in a room no bigger than theirs...and NOT with that fancy attached bathroom. :) hahaha. I LOVE THEM! tell them Aunt Miss loves them and give them each a hug from me.

    1. I will absolutely tell them that you love them. I don't think there is any way I'll be able to see you on the 15th WITHOUT me bringing my entire family to see you, too. :)

      (I laughed while I edited this post. Craig had to stop watching netflix so I could read the post to him. I then laughed more.)

  2. Oh my goodness! So cute and hilarious. Especially the last one. It hurts. It burns. DYING!!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! Right? I know. I can barely read it without laughing.

  3. Agh! I missed them (and you and Craig, too, of course)! These were adorable! Hope Happy is feeling better. ;) -AKDS

  4. Thanks for sharing these precious, adorable, hilarious moments. Love.

  5. HAHAHAHAAH! Awesome.

    I really wish I could record everything Henry says. He has had a ton the past week being at home.

    It was storming one night and we were upstairs. henry was heading to the bathroom before bed and there was this loud thunder. As soon as he heard it he got this look on his face and turned around and ran past me into the bathroom and said "Aw crap, didn't see that coming!" heehee

    Today we asked if all his toys were picked up because my sister is coming up with her dog. Terry and my dad kept asking "do you have your trains picked up. Your crayons, Your blockes. ect. He just stops and points to the floor and says "YES! Look at the floor, can you see them. Ugh" It was true!!

    Love these things!!


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