That's my dog.

My dog is the best.

Today is her birthday.

She's 8.

She's a Havanese and she's cuddly and sweet and to know her is to love her.


She  is perfection.

Señorita Fergie Lupita ("Fergie Lu") never bites. She was trained in less than a week. She's never chewed on a toy that wasn't hers, she curls up and has slept with the girls since.they.were.babies. and she still sleeps with them each night. She waits for me wherever I am and knows how to throw her own toys. She doesn't love thunderstorms but she adores shoulder rubs.

Ferg is a dog above other dogs.

You heard it here.


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  1. I concur: Ferg is a dog above other dogs (except Marlie, because I cannot go that far)...but Ferg is easily my 2nd favorite dog. Then Millie is third. She's a sweet, special little soul and I'm so glad she found you.


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