Put a fork in me.

6/25/2015 11:36:00 AM
I'm done.

**WARNING: complaint below**

Since life is not always rainbows and unicorns, see my previous post - I figured I'd take a harried second to tell you that I'm here! I'm just go, go, going.

On Tuesday when I RAN from work to go to the girls' swim class in the most gorgeous of settings - it ain't like I'm sitting in a  sweaty YMCA - I'm at a Beach Club with an infinity edge pool and palm trees swaying in the breeze... I was frazzled.

Craig and I had just tag-teamed: he picked the ladies up from school that day so that I could get more done at the office, then he took them to swim class and I met him there so that he could leave and go to a 6 p.m. meeting.

After swim I had an hour to get them home, changed, school clothes laid out, dinner fed, finish up homework and be on a conference call at 7 p.m.



My To Do list never shrinks.
My brain never stops.
There is always something to do.
An email to reply to.
A bill to pay.
A birthday to remember.
A meal to cook.
A hug or kiss to give.
A workout that needs to be checked off.
A passport that needs to be renewed.
A boo boo to fix.
A date to be scheduled.
A document that needs to be edited.
Homework to be checked.
A fight to break up.
A vacation to plan.
Doctor's appointments and visits to plan in the U.S.
A skirt that needs to be washed for picture day.
A sliver that needs to be removed.
A blog post that needs to be written...

There's always something, right?

[So anyway, I got off tangent... again.]

As I was sitting there at swim class I said to myself, "Kylee. Yup. You could be overwhelmed and weighted down by this, or you can realize that your life, oh, your life... it's full..."

And I smiled.

My life is full.

And I'm happy.

Sure, it's full of chaos and tears and putting out fires and running and errands and burned bacon and missed phone calls and forgotten texts...

...but it's full of the good stuff, too.

We're making memories right now.
We're laughing all of the time.
THIS is what I will MISS when they are older.
And I love who I'm married to.
And I feel good, like better than I've ever felt.

So, today - in the midst of the craziness - I'm going to say that I am thankful for it all.

I'm choosing happy* and gratitude, today.


Back to work.


Please note that I started this email out ANNOYED and angry and overwhelmed and now I feel better.

Writing is therapy.



  1. xoxoxox FULL indeed. BLESSED indeed. OUTLOOK on point. You got this and you are an inspiration. Grace and beauty my friend. Even if its frazzled and harried and you are complaining. You are human. xoxoxo

  2. I love this post. I will be bookmarking this so I can remind myself of this important point come September when work is back in full swing and feeling frazzled is an all too familiar feeling. Hug to you! ~ AKDS


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