Preschool 80s show. Yes. And YES.

6/16/2015 09:41:00 PM

The ladies were in an 80's show at their school on Friday in honor of Father's and Mother's Day. (I loved this inclusion of Mothers. Shout out to all of the single parents out there.) The teachers went above and beyond. It was absolutely adorable. Anyone who can get 3-6 year-olds choreographed to 80's music deserve trophies. (And money.)

Anywho, the dressing up was WAY too much fun. I mean, WAY too much fun.

Here are some before-the-show pics. There are a bajillion, because I couldn't stop. (There are videos at the end of the post.)

So then there's the performance.

Here's Vivi with her esposo. (Her husband. She calls him her husband.)

Me: "Vivi, why do you love Nico so much?"

Her: "Because he's so nice to me and I love him."

Fair enough.

Note: This love has been going on for nearly 2 years now.


Watch the ridiculous of these two cuties:

Lila is on the far left.

She turns six on Sunday.


It was an absolutely lovely evening.




  1. oh, man! they nailed it! this is so adorable. see, THIS is why Viv needed bangs...for this moment alone! all of this was SO cute. :)

  2. So beautiful! I *love* the videos. -Bridget

  3. Oh my goodness, this is totally rad!!!!

    Vivi seems tot tally own the 80's style in the pictures!! And her and Nico...STOP IT! So cute! Though she seemed un interested in the first video, hahaha!!

    Lila looks SO cute (and grown up - sad face). She did such a good job on that dance, LOVE!!

    How fun is this!


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