Pinterest, you didn't let me down... this time.

So I love the idea behind pinterest.

I love that I can collect a whole big bunch of recipes and crafts and workouts and decorating ideas that will more than likely never get to my "To do" list.  Let's be honest, pinterest is really my "doll house" life.

I don't intend to make Thanksgiving turkeys out of toilet paper rolls, nor do I plan on making napkin rings out of twine, dried noodles and homemade clay. BUT, I do like me a good craft that has nothing to do with a hot glue gun but instead includes sharpies. For 'tis true: I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

So there you have it, my version of:

You've heard of this right?

Here's what you need:

• Pre-washed white t-shirts. (I believe ours were about 40 pesos at our local grocery store -- under $5.)
• Cardboard cut to fit under your t-shirts (Save your Costco boxes)
• Some sharpies
• A couple of medicine droppers
• Some isopropyl alcohol (the regular stuff you get from a pharmacy that burns your cuts)

This is the stuff you need.

Then, you let 'em start drawing and coloring. Encourage your wee ones to make little dots that will theoretically "bleed" into a tie-dyed effect. **May it be noted that my eldest sweetie pie lost it within the first 4 minutes of the craft because, "I do not like what I have put on my shirt and I want to color the back." After like 15 minutes, she was back in and loving it.


When they're all finished, fill a small bowl with alcohol and let them have at it... slowly allowing droplets of alcohol from their super/exciting/fun medicine droppers on to their designs.

Here's Lila preparing our shirts pre-alcohol dropping.
(That sounds bad. We don't "drop alcohol" in our house. We drop donuts.)

Be ready for the, "House smells like a Martini" aroma that will happen and be forewarned that this may be a great outdoor activity.

After you're finished you'll have some fine looking shirts and some kids who are pumped that they:

a.) got to use the special high-on-the-shelf permanent markers and
b.) were allowed to use eye droppers all in one day.

And you'll be the world's best Mom.

For like 25 minutes.

(Just go with it.)

Next, let the shirts dry.

We threw them outside on the grass in our 104 degree Cabo heat.

They were dry in 28 seconds.

Doesn't Craig's grass look nice and green? Not an easy feat here. 

Next, throw your creations in the washer after they're completely dry sans anything else -- lest your white towels be compromised by rogue permanent marker.

Finally, let your kiddos PROUDLY wear their creations.

(Maybe we left them out in the sun for too long? They faded?)

These, two.

And look at that?

You won.

28 points for you!


There you have it: Crafts You can Actually Do.


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  1. I love these. I'm so going to do these. I suspect Meadow's will look, well, not so hot. However, what a fun activity. Thank you!

    Your girls shirts looked AWESOME! (As did yours) Serious artists, you Ladies.

  2. this is a neat little craft/project and they looked so proud of their creations. :) yours was great, too! Cant wait to see what Summer's kids come up with. ~Miss

  3. Yay! The girls and their shirts look adorable!
    Can't wait to try this with the boys!

  4. TOTALLY doing this with Doodle!!!! TOTALLY!!! Rock on little B's!!! :) Both shirts look fabulous. Yours looked impressive as well. :)

  5. That looks fun and very cool...totally adding this to our weekly craft list!!!


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