How to train your hair - Stop washing it everyday.

6/30/2015 10:59:00 PM
No photoshop or any of that tomfoolery here; I don't know how to do all of that.

I wash my hair once a week.


I actually stretched it last month and got to 10 days without even trying. (To confirm, I do shower daily.)


Go ahead. Consider that.

Here's what you may be thinking:

"I could never do that. I have ridiculously oily hair. I'd be a matted-grease ball if I did that."

"Nope, I have to wash my hair everyday."

"I workout. She must not sweat."

"That's gross."

"I would just feel dirty..."

"My hair is far too oily for that."


And here's what I need to tell you:

I also used to classify my hair as being ridiculously oily. If there was an "oily" scale with 1 being "Clean and dry as a whistle" and 10 being "I can't even stand myself" I would be a solid 9.5.

I washed it daily. Sometimes twice a day.

Tell me you loved this part of the movie.

I don't anymore. And I don't feel dirty or look particularly dirty. (I think.)

I also have a full-time career outside of my home that semi-demands that I look semi-presentable. So, I can't go in with greasy hair and flip flops.

And, I workout. And, truth? I sweat. Like a man.

I sweat like a big, huge, burly man who hasn't worked out in 23 years.

I'm usually drenched and gross.

STILL, I wash my hair but once a week. (Or so.)

This was a Sunday. Clean hair. Totally used a filter becuase filters make everyone look better.


The inspiration for this life goal was simple:

1.) I have a friend who has great hair. And, every time I'd run into her I was shocked (and envious) at a.) how healthy her hair looked, b.) how shiny it was,  and c.) how much body it had.

She is a hair stylist, so I figured she had learned something in Stylist School that was hidden from the rest of us mere mortals who get our round brushes tangled in our hair when we're trying to give ourselves an at-home, professional-grade blowout.


Here's what she'd tell me:

"Kylee, it's dirty. Stop washing your hair everyday."

Where's Oprah?

A-ha, moment!

Dirty hair is the trick, ya'll. It styles better and it looks better.

My second inspiration for not washing my hair:

2.) I cannot ABIDE blow-drying my hair. It's the absolute worst. It takes FOREVER. I feel like I'm enduring a heat stroke. I just can't even. My face gets all red. I start to sweat. (Again more of the sweating! See above for reference.) It's a vicious cycle:

wash hair >> have wet hair >> dry hair >> sweat while drying hair >> hair gets wet from sweat >> keep drying >> more sweating >> more "drying" >> just stop and put it up in a bun.

And, the final impetus for my lack of action in the hair-washing department:

3.) I want healthy hair. Constantly washing and styling and drying is taxing on my hair. And me. Who has the time?! I'm not a Kardashian. You know they're spending at LEAST six hours a day contouring and blow-drying.


So here's what I did to train my hair.

Instead of washing my hair everyday... I skipped just one day.

Yep. One day.

{you can do this}

Was my hair greasy?

But it will be.


Because when you wash you hair again and again, you're stripping your hair and your scalp of the wonderful oils that your body naturally produces and needs. So what does your body do? It screams, "Where is my oil?!?!" and it produces MORE oil than what you need or want and what do you end up with? Exactly what you don't want: OILY HAIR and a defeated feeling. (Nothing worse.)

**Wash your hair less and I promise you it won't be so oily.

It bears repeating:

Problem: "I don't want oily hair, so I wash my hair everyday."

Fact: Washing your hair everyday produces more oil.

It's your classic Catch 22.

It's a lot like, "I want to eat 5 donuts, but I want to fit into my pants. Eat those donuts, pants don't fit. Get depressed, eat more donuts, then no pants fit. Then you can't go anywhere because you have no pants and how are you supposed to get more donuts?*"

*This is how my mind works.


Which shampoo and conditioner and hair products do I use?

Well, since I'm washing my hair approximately 4 times a month, I use products that are good for my hair and make it happy. I like MorrocanOil products and I also like the Caviar shampoo and conditioner line found at Sephora. I use MoroccanOil anti-frizz spray (sometimes) and also Argan Oil (on my face every night, too). And, let's not forget, before I wash my hair I have "Coconut Oil Sundays" wherein I slather my roots with oil. (Do not slather your scalp. You'll regret that.) The oil stays on for a few hours, I take a shower and wash it out and everyone is happy and my hair smells like a vacation.

(Read about the coconut oil process here.)

How long do I go between washing?

That photo at the top of the post is me 7 days without washing.

And here's me 8 days.

This is a work outfit. Casual day. Shirt from Costco. $150 pesos? Boom.

This usually happens somewhere toward the end.

Bun. Messy top knot.

Most importantly, does my hair stink?

I'm hyper-aware of this. I'm very smell-oriented and I don't want to offend other folks like me so I ask the husband constantly and either he's immune, or all of my friends are, too - because it doesn't smell. But I'll be honest - my MAXIMUM is about 7 or so days. That's what I'm most comfortable with right now.

So... that's it.

How long did it take me to go a week without washing my hair?

Much like actors thank the academy win they win an Oscar, I'd like to thank my children for propelling me on this path of hygiene resistance...

I started attempting to skip a day here and there at least 5 years ago. It's something that has evolved over time. For sure.

Your action item?
1. Start by skipping a day.
2. Then slowly, add another day.
3. You'll get there.


Would you give it a whirl?
How often do you wash your hair?


P.S. While I do take hair seriously, I also know that there are more important things in this world aside from appearances. Let's hear it for empathy, honestly, love, kindness and acceptance.



  1. Ok... Starting with one day. What do you add to your hair once you sweat? Anything? No? You have thick hair, what about fine thin hair? I can definitely make it three days, day three is rough though... So getting further a long. But, do you use leave in shampoo? Do you blow dry the sweat? Blah blah blah... So many questions, so little time. xoxoxo

    By the way, your hair is fabulous. Always has been, might just be getting even better! xo

  2. I feel like my hair is so thin that there's no way I could do this! Ugh, I dunno. I'm tempted to try though.

  3. Love it! For about a year I washed my hair with baking soda and rinsed with white vinegar- "No Poo"- about every 5 days or so. I got tired of too many tangles! So I went back to regular shampoo and conditioner, with more appreciation for the conditioner! Good reminder. I wash my hair every other day or so, but I don't really need to!


    5 days is my limit. My hair be nasty after that!

    I am interested in this coconut oil you use.

    (Your hair is fantastic, by the way)

  5. i have oily hair.please give me suggest best shampoo?


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