Fitness Tracking Watches? Your opinion?

So I'm interested in buying myself a non-Lance-Armstrong-looking fitness tracking band. I don't want it to look like a yellow Live Strong bracelet for obvious reasons.  I want it to be cool. I want it to have solid battery power and be able to handle my sweatiness. And I don't want to wear a chest-strap heart-rate monitor.

What do you use? What do you like?

I really like the apple watch, but I leaning toward the FitBit Surge. (It's above the band that says "GOAL" up top in that image.) But it looks HUGE.

Here's a good article to consider.

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  1. I had done some "extensive" (for me) research on these and was semi-set on the Garmin something or other and one of the Withings models. I do like the look of the jawbone - the tinier one - as it just looks more like a bracelet. Just my 2 cents.

    1. also, i trust CNET and their reviews and do all my tech research through CNET and read their stuff often.

    2. OH! Thank you, very, very helpful. Have you bought one yet?

  2. I have really enjoyed my fitbit charge. Battery lasts me about a week. I do wish that I could swap band colors like other fitbit models but I LOVE that it gives me NUMBERS on the band. I would not be happy with dots - I need hard facts when I look at my wrist. My dad has the surge and it is large looking, even on his wrist, but I feel like I just read somewhere that there are different sizes? Happy shopping!

    1. I love hearing that about your Dad's. It looks like a pretty good-sized watch - I need to check that out. Thank you so much, AKDS! And i LOVE that you like the fitbit charge because it has numbers. I love you.

  3. Last year, I had a fitbit (force? can't remember) it was the one that was recalled. I actually returned mine before the recall even happened because - who knew - I have a nickel allergy and had a lovely little rash on my wrist.

    I LOVED my fitbit. It had a readout - NUMBERS! - right on my wrist. I could see steps, time, distance, etc right there. I was so bummed that I couldn't use it and I couldn't get myself to buy something else. I refused to order the other fitbit because it didn't haven numbers on the device. And I was convinced Fitbit would release something new right away.

    I waited for months and finally gave up. I ended up getting a Misfit Shine because it seemed so flexible. I can wear it on my wrist, or clip it just about anywhere else I want to. (I can hide it in my bra when I need to dress up, like weddings, etc. and not feel like I have this honkin thing on my wrist).

    I don't miss the numbers on my wrist, like I thought I would. I have to sync it to my phone, but I'm okay with it. What I can see is progress, in the form of little dots when I tap my device. So I know if I'm at 20 or 50 or 80% of my goal, etc. Since I now believe there is no way any device is truly measuring my steps from my wrist, I'm cool with this. All I need to know is my general activity level for the day and I can pick up the pace if I'm lagging.

    I don't have a heartrate monitor at all. So, I think you have to figure out what exactly you want out of the device first.

    Another bonus - the Shine is completely waterproof, so I literally never take it off. I'm not sure about all of those devices, but I know not all of the fitbit models are waterproof.

    And the battery - I have had mine since last September and I've had to change it once. No charging, just change a button battery like a watch. Again I like this because I don't have to leave it off for any amount of time and don't have to remember to keep it charged.

    (I do want an apple watch though, because I'm a techy nerd sometimes)

    There's my plug for Misfit :)
    (and seriously, the name? Misfit? Perfect)

    1. ALSO: I really wanted something to connect directly to MyFitnessPal - Fitbit does and Misfit does, not sure about everyone else.


    I got the fitbit flex and I have been very happy with it the past two months.

    The battery seems to last 5-6 days and only takes a couple hours to charge.

    It is waterproof, though I never shower with it. But I don't have to worry about it either.

    It is lightweight, and I sometimes forget about it and it doesn't bother me when I sleep.

    I like that it tracks sleep, calories, active minutes, ect. It connects to my fitness pal which like Sarah is one of the main things I wanted.

    Draw backs:
    It doesn't show anything on the band, but I have an app and my computer which for my fitness level and needs work. It depends what you want, it doesn't show heart rate which is one draw back.

    Sometimes I bump it and knock it into sleep mode!

    I don't follow the calories on the fitbit either, I stay on track with My fitness pal.

    Not as many functions as others, but I really like it. If I want to wear a watch or other jewelry I still can, it is not huge. And I can pick other colors!!

    Let me know what you end up picking out!!!


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