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Last night we watched the movie, St. Vincent. Have you heard of it? Of course you haven't. I don't think anyone has.

Bill Murray. (Yes.)
Melissa McCarthy. (Yes.)
The cutest-little-boy-actor-ever, Jaeden Lieberher.
Chris O'Dowd. (Yes. Of Bridesmaids fame.)
Terrence Howard. (Hustle & Flow. "It's hard out here for a pee-imp.").
Naomi Watts. (Eh. Never been a huge fan.)

We watched the preview on AppleTV and thought, "Well, that looks entertaining and light. And since we're bracing for our first hurricane* after a CATEGORY FOUR HURRICANE CHANGED OUR LIVES NINE MONTHS AGO and we could use some humor, let's watch that."

We laughed.
It was funny.
I'm naturally inclined to like Bill Murray and I want to be Melissa McCarthy's friend, so for me this was a win/win.

It's about a single-Mom, a grouchy neighbor, a cute-little-boy, a hot priest and a pregnant hooker.


I think I've said enough.

Go ahead. Rent it.

Did I mention it was only .99 cents? I'd have paid $3.99.


Hurricane Blanca is no Hurricane Odile. We're getting wind and on again/off again rain. The hatches are battened. All is good. It's hot and humid and overcast.


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  1. glad the storm has passed you by. i did actually see previews in movie theaters for this movie and i liked the looks of it, so thanks for reminding me! :)
    xo - Miss


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