Q&A: Describe a time you felt bad for someone else.


Our nightly bedtime routine varies, but we have a few solid consistencies: prayers (this includes praying for everyone we may have ever met; including pets), some reading and this Q&A book.

It's the Q&A a Day For Kids Book by Betsy France. It's a three year journal of 365 daily questions - and it takes literally as little (1 minute) or as long (like a 10-minute conversation that kids love to draw out before bed) as you'd like. (There are adult and teen versions, too. Even a couples' version.)

At present I write in the ladies' answers to save time; but I write them exactly how they respond to the questions. I'm hoping Lila can write in her own answers next year.

While the Q&A book starts in January, you could pick it up at any time.

Here are some of my faves:


It's Vivi.

Q: If I had three wishes, they would be ______, ______, and ______.

A. 1.) "if we can see Santa."
2. "unicorns"
3. "that I can have a whole family of boys and girls."

Sweet thing. Vivienne loves the babies. Her life revolves around babies.


And then there's Lila, being somewhat jealous of her sister who is not lactose intolerant.


And then there's Vivi. Again.

She just.wants.to.relax.

Because being four ain't easy.


 Lila is far more emotionally-based versus Spiderman's pragmatism.


Translation: "you. That you were borned. And that God made us out of life."


And then there's this. I mean, be who you want to be.

Vivienne's words.


Oh, sweet Lila.


This one makes me laugh out loud. Because I mean, well...

Vivienne's words.

Don't you wish the car one was accurate.


Sweet Vivi.

It rotates.

Right now she wishes she was the Incredible Hulk, but it waffles between him, Superman, Spiderman and Batman.

Vivienne's words.


And then I cry...

Lila's words.

Buy this book.



  1. AHHHH buying it RIGHT NOW!
    stop, the last one is killing me

  2. So sweet. And I just laughed out loud at work at "I have nothing". I love you and your girls.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I absolutely love this idea and reading the girls' responses.


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