My heart. Walking.

So I will take this time to dote on the teeny-tiny baby who made me a Mommy.

The teeny-tiny baby who, when she sits on my lap, her legs are just a few inches shy of being as long as mine.

The teeny-tiny baby who really is my heart... walking.

She's the sweetest.

Honestly, I have given birth to a child with the kindest heart.

Sure, she's sometimes annoying and doesn't quite listen all of the time. And she's sassy, too. But she's a month shy of six. That's normal, right?

Still, that child's heart...

Look at this from our daily Q&A book that I wrote about here.

This is what she answered to, "If you could fly right now, where would you go?"

"Um... where would you like to go?

I would like to go to Nana.

I would like to take you to your Mom."


I cried.

Because my five-year-old, when given the superpower to fly somewhere, anywhere, selflessly first asked me where I would like to go... then she volunteered her flying power to take me to see my no-longer-alive Mom.

Because she knows how very much I miss her. And how happy it would make me to see her again.


Maybe, just maybe, we're doing something right?.


Then there's this.

This one, this same one, she loves to create. She loves to draw, to paint, to color, to imagine.

This was one of my favorites.

Chopstick legs.


And then my favorite.


Kindly note that my daughter is bilingual. She phonetically writes in Spanish, usually.

{Below this is the code of her various fingerprint creations.}

Here it is.

Please note that there's some major "b" and "d" confusion happening. We'll get through it.

The ballet dancer kills me.

"The splits"?

Did you see that tutu?

I can't even.

Love. Her.


Sweet girl, I love you so, so, so much. 

And I like you, too.



  1. I miss her every day! She truly is a sweet soul wrapped up in that adorable little self. Give her a hug from me today. XO. ~Miss

    1. Aw, thank you. And I will tell her that I'm supposed to hug her on your behalf. She will be thrilled. You know how much she loves the "colledge" girls.

  2. Oh Lila... you are truly the best. Always special in my heart.

    Friend, I got the male version of Lila in SO MANY WAYS. I know exactly how you feel. Let's keep expanding their beautiful hearts. And protecting them. Sadly, not everybody out there have a heart like theirs...

  3. Oh what a sweet, sweet soul.




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