"It was my idea," said Martha Stewart. For the 879,201st time.

Martha Stewart has her very own triscuit.

(Of course she does.)

In this news story, it was reported that for a limited time only her special crackers will be in stores.

I'll go ahead and share my favorite quotes from the story. I've highlighed them:

"Though Stewart has countless cracker recipes of her own, she told The Huffington Post her partnership with Triscuit was her first experience working with a mass marketed cracker manufacturer. "It was a long and interesting process," she said, and after a lot of trial and error, she settled on coconut and sea salt, a flavor combination she thought would be "habit forming."

I'm not sure if fine-tuning a cracker recipe is "interesting", but I would imagine "long" is accurate.

And it sort of makes me uncomfortable that Martha wants to get me started on a snack that's "habit forming". (Is this bad peer pressure? I'm leery. Martha?)

"The 73-year-old lifestyle mogul describes the inventing process pretty plainly: "It was my idea. I like salt and I like coconut. ... I thought that was a flavor of cracker that would be savory and sweet." It certainly is. The cracker tastes like it was cooked in coconut oil and then salted; the sweet flavor isn't overpowering, nor does it have that "hint of sunscreen" taste that many coconut-flavored foods can't seem to shake."
Of COURSE it was your idea, Martha. Of course it was. Aren't all of the ideas yours?

And sunscreen? Huh? Sunscreen might smell of coconut, but I've been under the impression this whole time (my entire life) that you weren't actually supposed to taste sunscreen.

"I like salt. My daughter likes salt. We all like salt," she said. 
I need this woman in my life.
Not because I like salt, but because she just breaks down complex theories so clearly.

We all (pretty much) do like salt.


I will write about The Martha forever.

That woman is the best.

And I'd like to try that habit-forming triscuit. Someone buy me a box and save it for me?


Whole article here.



  1. hahaha. i KNEW you'd be able to enjoy this hilarious Martha triscuit article and the development of this new little gem. i'm going to buy one just to keep for you and give to you in July. i like the little s'mores picture and thought it might taste lovely.

  2. speaking of s'mores and malissa hoarding things for you, she could also pick you up a package of limited-edition s'mores oreos. just sayin'.... the more you know. ;)

  3. GOOD TIMING - i was just (ten minutes ago!) looking at a Martha recipe, and it was a video for a cheesecake, which presumably is super easy to make, but she totally martha-ized it....she painted the butter on with a brush, then she dotted the cake with preserves using a squeeze bottle....like wtf?
    i was dying for another installment of your martha posts!!!!!!!

  4. Sure, Martha, you invented the cracker. Fine. Just sell our product, would ya?


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