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5/14/2015 02:57:00 PM
| Mexico |

Spiderman's pediatrician TEXTED me to check on her. (She has croup.)
Therefore, I award 35 points for the thoughtful text and 0 points off for spelling her name incorrectly.

Yay for healthcare in Mexico! You can actually have a relationship with your doctor and a visit that lasts as long as you need.

And you can text your doctor.



| Hair |

It's [nearly] summer across the U.S., however it is [perpetually] summer in Cabo.

Therefore I added color to my hair.



I'd say Craig's a lucky man...


| Music |

If you're not listening to James Taylor radio on iTunes Radio your blood pressure is higher than mine.

That man. He calms me. My heart. My soul.


| Shopping |

Craig y las ninas bought me this purse for Mother's Day. I heart it. Mucho.

(Rebecca Minkoff)

I won't lie - that chain ain't light.


| Skin |

I've been using Argan Oil on my super-dry skin at night. You guys, black heads? Almost gone. Makes sense... when you wash with face cleansers and water, it just doesn't clean the oil as well as you'd like. But when you moisturize with oil, it pushes the icky oil out and replaces it with nice clean argan oil. What do you get then? Clean pores.

It's here on Sephora.

GASP! [I truly did just gasp.] NEWS FLASH!

Apparently there is a new "light" version of the oil and a sunscreen. Read the reviews. They're all glowing. Just as you will be.

*Note:  I will be trying both the light and the sunscreen. It's my responsibility to you, my dear readers and friends.


That's all for now. And nope. Not paid to say what I like.



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  2. Um, I will be buying Argan Oil stat. Right now. Skin needs the results.
    Also, hair looks fab! Love it. These hairs will be getting did end of month. Need the refresher. :)
    Great job C and littles - pretty pretty purse.


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