The injustice of creativity.

4/26/2015 09:01:00 PM
During the week I think of at least 16 different blog post ideas. I add them to my "Posts to Write" list on my phone. I start drafts of said posts. I literally crave writing during the week, but often times making dinner, running from here to there, my day job and the overall exhaustion of being the Momma of a young family exhausts me and hence... no time to write.

Then the weekend rolls around. I've got pockets of times here and there that I can totally fall into and write... and today, I chose to sit around and watch Bride by Design with Lila. And nap. And bake a pinterest oatmeal cookie fail.


When I have gobs of time; I cannot find inspiration.

When I can't find time; I have gobs of inspiration.

Such is life, no?


Hey, but have you had these? They're great.



  1. i haven't had those ones, but i have the pumpkin seed and sea salt ones and I DIE. they're AMAZING.

    1. GASP! I need to try those. PUMPKIN SEED!?

  2. Holy heavens. This thoughts, words, experiences swirl in my brain continually. When I have gobs of time inspiration escapes me. When I have no time I have a million and one inspired ideas. Such is life and I am glad I am not the only one. xoxo


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