Oh, Martha. The life only *one* person was meant to live.

One of the highlights of my life is catching up on The Martha Stewart Blog.

Oh, Martha.

It's educational.
It's entertaining.
And there's no arguing that it's beautifully done.
Her propensity towards the more formal vernacular delights my soul. Her voice is so recognizable. I adore her.

While the most recent posts have included a collection of photos regarding the very exciting removal of the burlap from her shrubbery after the winter months have ended, there are still a series of noteworthy posts as of late. One must appreciate her photo captions and photos.

The Martha is a national treasure.

Here are my highlights from the past while:

1. This.

Because obviously.

Shaq, some guy, Martha and Snoop.

"Joining me in this photo are Shaquille O'Neal, director Joel Gallen, and Snoop Dogg."

From here.

2. Next, I love that Martha recently welcomed a ten-year-old shetland pony to her farm. He was pre-named Harrison Ford (which is great), but I don't think Martha loved it because she refers to him throughout the post only as "Ford." (Appreciate here.) This may also be because she's no nonsense and she's not going to call him Harrison until she decides to keep him.

My favorite photo from this post was:

"Billie, Rufus and Clive are in the stall right next door to Ford. They were very interested in the new pony, and very curious, as you can see by their forward facing ears."

Stop it.
"Bille, Rufus and Clive"?
"Their forward facing ears."

Oh, Martha.

3. Next, I was [naturally] anxiously awaiting her "Peafowl Update."

And I, for one, am thrilled that her peafowl are out and "having lots of fun."

I wish that for everyone's peafowl.

So much joy.

This blog brings.me.so.much.joy.



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