I love my dog.

So back before I could have a baby, there was Ferg.
Ferg came into our lives and I treated her like a baby.
I took that little 8-pound muffin with me everywhere.

Blurry **blackberry photo** (tee hee) of the first day I got Ferg! 8.19.07. 

She was so cute.

Baby Ferg. She weighed 3 lbs.

Baby Fergie.

She sat in a basket on my desk at work.

I adored this dog.

I still do.

Then I got pregnant (finally!) with the baby I was longing to have and Ferg.never.left.my.side. She knew?

Then Lila came home.

Meeting Lila for the first time.

And Ferg instantaneously knew that she was ours.
She knew which toys were Lila's and which toys were hers.
In the beginning, she'd sleep next to her while she was having tummy time. (Tee hee, seems like years since "tummy time" has been in my vocabulary.)

Then at nap time she'd sit by the door and then run and tell me when Lila awoke.

She'd sleep under the crib. On the chair. Always around her.

She never acted sad that my attention shifted. Even when Vivi came 19 months later - she sighed her dog sigh and kept doing her taking-care-of-the-girls job.

"Watching" Baby Vivienne

She played with them.
Sat with them.
Let them pull her hair.
Sweet Ferg.

Lila feeding Ferg Cheerios.

Ferg & WeeVee just hanging.

Today, she's their favorite.
She's almost eight years old... she's got a cloudy eye... her teeth are a little dirty... but man.

I love her.

That dog.

...feather on her nose.

We even got her her own dog, Millie. While she didn't like her for at least a year... today they're best friends. They're sisters.

My dogs is so cute.

She was laying on the couch today and it was all I could do not to smoosh her with love.

Come on.

I just had to say it.


Especially my Ferg.



  1. i also LOVE the Ferg in a way that makes my heart want to burst. she really is the best dog.

    1. Um. That dog loves you, too. Like, no joke. (Just like my kids. And me. And Craig.)

  2. She is so sweet!! And she has a very very sweet mama and family! :) xo

  3. Oh my gosh, LOVE this!! I forgot just how cute puppy Ferg was!!

    What a GREAT dog (dogs!) and amazing part of the family. Can't wait to get a puppy for our family! :-)


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