So how old do I look? Let's ask Microsoft.

So there I was reading today (I hope that makes me sound smart) and I ran across an article about Microsoft's new facial recognition software website.

Um, of course I had to try it...

...with every picture I could ever find and/or think of.


So, that's me about a month ago. (Photo by Summer K Photography, my friend over at Running Chatter.) I'm 35. But according to them, I'm 29 and 41.

But, at least they called me a woman.

Craig is not 41. But he hot. And then, same day, I'm 33 again.


Then I had to do our family. I'm 31 and Craig's maintaining.

Lila and Vivi? Their ages are actually reversed.

(I've always said Lila is a young five.)

Baby Lila?

She's 3. I think she was like months old when this pic was taken.

I was curious about Anna and Elsa... (because why not.)


Looks like eyeshadow is an age-deciding factor?

Which obviously led me to a photo of Dolly Parton.

I think they're being kind...

I think they're right on with this one.

Martha is actually 73-years-young. Nicely don, Martha.

Snoop is 43. (Too much gin? Not enough juice?)

In 1985 The Lionel was 36.

I betcha that fine mustache aged him... Nevertheless, he's aged like a fine wine.


Thank you Microsoft, for filling my time with... well, I mean... thank you for filling my time.



  1. Holy smokes! You know I'm trying this!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA did the same thing with every photo in my camera roll, and they also thought my husband was 41. he's 31.

  3. Oh my heavens. I just went crazy trying this out. I was as old as 74. 74!!!! And no younger than 27. Most photos fell into the 40's. Time for some serious anti-aging cream. Doodle was 6 or 7 in every single one! SHE IS 4!!!! oh my heavens. This is a smidgen addictive. :)

  4. I was 53, then 28. I'm going with 28, obviously.

  5. I got 24, 29, 34 and 38 ... fun :)


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