Happy Birthday, Anna!

4/21/2015 11:41:00 AM
My college experience was about far more than books, curriculum, flare-legged Mudd jeans and grades - it was when I began relationships with a core group of women who to this day I love and trust.  They're my home button.  We have a shared history and also the ability to still connect after years and miles have separated us. Oh man, I celebrate these women. Especially this one:

Today is the day that my friend Anna was born.

Anna is the best listener I know; she actively listens. She asks questions. She tilts her head to the side, in only the way Anna does, and she remembers and retains what you're saying.

She invests her energy and her time and her love in you. And you feel it. And I'll be honest, it feels good.

As the original creator (I THINK?) of what we all call "The Circle Game, "she's not afraid to start it up and ask a question that everyone must answer. (Inclusion is her middle name.)

My friend Anna, oh my sweet dear friend, Anna. It seems like yesterday we were sitting together in the Wit office in Marbeck; I was helping you set up your yahoo email account. :) (Oh, 1997...) I've danced with you, laughed with you, cried with you and loved you all the while. I love you for kind heart, you love of math and numbers and most importantly, your love of eggs.

I couldn't be more happy that you were born. I feel like I should call Ed and Karen today and thank them for having you.

You make the world happier just by being here. I'm so glad you're my friend and I'm so glad you were born.

Happy Birthday!




  1. She is an exceptionally good egg in my shared opinion, too. LOVE her! Happy Birthday, ANNA!! xo.

  2. "Best Listener". Yes, yes yes. I concur.

    Beautifully stated. . .


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