Talk radio in 2015

Some of my podcasts
I started listening to talk radio when I was maybe about 14.

(I know. SUPER cool. You've seen my school pictures, right?)

I was first introduced to talk radio via Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Remember her? EEK. She wasn't as... overwhelming back then as she is today. (I absolutely do not listen to her anymore.)

So back to me at 14... I was nosy and I liked that instead of singing with the radio I could hear talking on the radio.

Then, fast forward to when I started driving. While you could hear me jamming to Tonic's Lemonparade and Fiona Apple, you'd also hear me listening to Mitch Albom on Detroit's AM 760. (I still listen to it when I'm in Ohio.)


Enter today, podcasts.

You guys. TELL ME you're subscribing to weekly podcasts on your iPhone.

(I don't understand why you wouldn't.)

You should know Ira Glass of NPR "This American Life." (See here. I believe this is the most popular podcast in the country.) Start there.

You should be listening to Invisibilia. (See here.)

I can't quite explain it - and I don't want to affect or bias your opinions with the myriad of podcasts out there, but there are so, so, so many. Find one or two that you love. And listen.

Sometimes listening without a visual is exactly what my brain needs.

Yay, podcasts.



  1. I do listen to many a podcasts during my many hours of driving. I did the Serial thing in like 2 weeks from start to finish (obsessed), I like Invisibilia and This American Life. I also LOOOOOVEEE Dear Sugar (with Cheryl Strayed b/c I love her and also am nosy-ish).
    Podcast On, Miss

  2. Yep, I do love love love them lately. It's crazy to me that it took me so long to check them out, because I've always like talk radio (NPR type) as well!

  3. I love talk radio. Totally LOVE the whole listening without visual. TED talks can also be 'listened' to....


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