3/16/2015 04:58:00 PM
I was pounded (and I do mean pounded) this weekend with a nasty bug. I'm on the up and up. Sort of. Blogging will commence soon.

In the meantime, chew on this and tell me what you think:

Perhaps "tear the celebrity apart" humor is no longer acceptable. That's a good thing. But I do worry about critiquing fashion.

Do we all have to start liking what everyone designs? Just to be nice? Like everyone gets a trophy just for participating? I'm not a fan of that.



  1. okay, few thoughts:
    1. that article was written in a style that was a bit much for the topic, but whatevs
    2. I thought Kelly Osbourne and Guiliana Rancic were besties, and I had no idea about that Zendaya thing, nor that Kelly quit (clearly I'm way behind on my celebrity gossip these days), so I find that interesting! I'll be googling more and more here for the next half hour, while I pretend I'm working
    3. I don't really find that weed and patchouli thing that racist, but since I'm white, that may just be my privilege speaking and I should shut up (if a white person showed up with the same hair, I'm sure the same comment could be made?)
    4. I agree, dissing fashion is totally okay,,,not sure remarks need to be SO scathing that they attack the person (like "she looks fat in that dress" isn't cool, but just general ripping on the dress is), but it's okay if you're addressing a fashion faux pas. i mean, honestly, why else are these people on the red carpet? all they ask is 'who are you wearing?' the whole point is to wear something shocking, either in a good or wild way. so if celebrities pretend they aren't setting themselves up to show up on Fashion Police the next day, they're crazy
    5. I've never even see an episode of Fashion Police....don't know how or why I escaped it, but I did, and now I feel like it's not even worth it!
    6. how cute are Kelly and Sharon Osbourne though? and, side note, Jack Osbourne's wife has a blog, and she's the cutest too (although, she made lip gloss out of crayons, which seems weirdly toxic, and unnecessary since she's a bazillionaire)
    k bye!

  2. I'm not a fan of everyone gets a trophy either....the faster kids should win, the smarter kids should get more scholarships, etc. etc. It's good for all of us to learn to win with integrity and also lose with integrity.

    I wasn't a fan of Guiliana's comments about weed etc. especially about a girl who is 18 and looked gorgeous otherwise, I thought she was reaching to make a not positive comment about her. (although I know this show is scripted, she makes the decision if she says the lines I believe). After reading some more about this situation, the comments she made were cut from the whole scripted piece, and I think that if we (the public) had heard the whole segment, it wouldn't have come across so negative and/or offensive to some of the brown race.

    Just my opinion from a white person's perspective. My husband is of the brown race and our daughter has the coloring of Zendaya so perhaps I'm a bit biased when it comes to this situation also.

    I love your blog...thoughtful and entertaining...I hope you feel better soon!


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