Shop with me, won't you? Spring, spring, spring.

So I've got my eyes on what's happening this spring, ah, sweet inspiration...


Nothing says spring like a floral print. I love this.
Sigh. Fabulous draping.
Dress by Alice +  Olivia. $398. (sigh). Buy it here.

The back is fantastic.


Is it bad that I like this blazer? I'd like to greet spring with those pastel florals. In tribute to my Gram.

Forever 21. $29.90. Buy it here.


So what do you think of this high-waisted swimsuit bottom thing?

I'm not sure, either...

I mean, the belly "control" aspect seems reasonable, but then I turn my head to the side and think, "But if I need belly control, should I be wearing a two piece?" Hmmmm...

And then there's the back.. it sort of looks like someone gave you a wedgie, no? I just don't know if the high-waisted thing can look attractive. It's very utilitarian.

Anthropologie. Top $95. Bottom $95. Buy it here

I do love this, though. It's high-waisted in the back, but cute in the front. Definitely appears to be on trend this summer...

Anthropologie. Swimsuit $280. Buy it here.


This is so cute. Would I wear it? No. But I'd buy it for my kid...

...if it were $308 dollars cheaper.

Looking like I'm going to have to buy a plastic watering can and tie a string on it. $10 bucks says Lila carries it.

Kate Spade. $328. Buy it here.


So I love overalls.

But the question is, do I love overalls this much?

Madewell. $548. Buy them here

Yes. That said $548 for overalls.



  1. Why are some clothes so expensive? It's insane. I LOVE that floral 1 piece. You should get that. Swimsuits are worth every penny if you feel good in it. I always end up spending more on them but it's worth it.

    I also love that floral blazer. Super cute!

  2. Um...the bikini bottoms have to be the ugliest thing I have seen....ever...i mean EVER! The bottoms look like old granny underwear. Do NOT buy this! I don't care how on trend it is. It makes the model look bad and she weighs 35 lbs. Imagine it on a normal body. No way. Hideous! But the top is cute. and the one piece too.
    Can't wait for it to be above 32 degrees here in DC. So jealous of your weather down there.


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