My computer. And Mr. Rogers. And my Mom.

Yep. My computer died today. And I'll tell you what, I'm handling this remarkably well.

I haven't swore, raised my voice, or even lashed out at anyone. (Which is good for me.)

I'm bummed. It's extremely inconvenient. And typing on a bluetooth iPad keyboard isn't ideal... (#firstworldproblems), but you know what, it's just a thing.


No sense in worrying about what's done.

Speaking of things. There's this love, Mr. Rogers.

And there's this video. For some reason it won't embed... but promise me you'll watch it. It's here. Leave a comment. TELL ME you watched it.

Go watch this video here: (That image isn't clickable. It's just a screenshot)

It warmed my heart and may or may not have brought a tear to my eye.


"The best thing about things... they remind us of people."

Amen. And Amen again.

Computer-shmuter. But I love Mr. Rogers.



On a side note - these are the days that I miss my Mom a little bit more acutely. I want to tell her that my computer broke. (The same computer that her fingers have typed on during her visits.) I want to tell her about my current frustrations and concerns about sending my children to school in a state where the educational system seems to just be not good enough. I want to tell her about Lila's Star of the Week and how Vivi is swimming across the pool ALL BY HERSELF . And I want to tell her how I bought a Cuisinart Egg Central and it poaches eggs, makes omlets AND soft, medium and hard boils eggs and it's LIFE CHANGING. (GENIUS.)

These are the days that I miss my Mom.

Not my computer.



  1. sometimes you just want to talk to your mom about random, mundane kitchen appliances
    i TOTALLY get that

  2. that video (and that Mr. Rogers) is simply adorable. he's right though, things do remind us of people. i know that Shirl would have been MORE than happy to oblige in listening and helping you along the way as you make it through these days and these decisions. xo. LOVE YOU, Miss

  3. I watched it. You can call me anytime you just want to talk.

  4. My computer died yesterday. I am NOT happy about it. You *might* be handling it better than me.
    I have the old version of that egg cooker - it is FANTASTIC.

  5. I watched the video! Love Mr. Rogers :)


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