3/10/2015 05:08:00 AM
There is virtually no denying that Kim Kardashian pre-Kanye and Kim Kardashian post-Kanye are strikingly... um... different.

There is also virtually no denying that this may or may not be a completely irrelevant post, too. But after yesterday's heavy, let's enjoy some celebrity fluff, shall we?

Back to Kim, I believe someone should intervene.

She doesn't even look like herself.

What has he done to her?

Left, Kim a la 2011

Right, Kim last week


Left photo from here.
Right photo from here.


1. Why are Kanye's sleeves so long?
2. Where are his hands?
3. Why is he wearing so much material and she's wearing so little?
4. Do they smile?
5. Is there enough room in their relationship for her voice? He's like 5' 5" but man, he takes up a lot of space.

Lucky lady.



  1. i'm still not convinced they're a real couple...OH and all the sudden your posts are showing back up on my Bloglovin woohoo :)

  2. She looks SO bizarre. Weird.

  3. I can't stand either of them in the first place. He is an ass and she is everything I hate about Hollywood in one person. She looks SO white, nothing like herself. Just don't get them.

    And that jacket & shirt...I mean did he get arm extensions for them. ugh


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