Happy Birthday to my Sister

3/18/2015 01:33:00 PM
Imagine that's my hand with a bird on it. And a little note for you. Because that would *totally* happen...

There's something extremely special when a little girl grows up with a big sister.

Beside me there was a hand-holder, a cheerleader, a leader, someone who wore cool clothes and had great accessories, someone who paved the way in many ways...

I grew up with a sister who always listened to me.  Like I was a real person. Always. She welcomed my thoughts, as in truly wanted to hear what I had to say. (From what I understand, this was not a common old sister feature.)

Sister, that has made a difference in my life.

When you grow up knowing that even though you're a kid, what you have to say is important to someone, you grow up knowing that you do matter. That what I have to say is important.

That's a gift you've given me.

And I love you for it.

I love you for your magical way with kiddos.
I love you for your brilliance and your photographic memory.
I love you for you strength; your resilience.
I love you for your creativity.
I love for your vision; for your ideas.
I love you for your heart.
I love you because you fix; because you find solutions.
I love you.

Wherever you go, wherever you are - I will forever have you in my heart.

And I will forever be thankful for the way you've paved for us - because of you, I have this life here. Thank you for welcoming me into this world.

Back to you:

I wish for you a year of clarity filled with optimism and laughter and joy. Like incredible, in your soul and core JOY. Because you deserve it.

Oh sister, you.deserve.it.

{biggest hug ever}

I love you.


Now, shall we move on to the images?

I was searching for a vintage, adorable, elegant, historical image that would speak to me regarding your birthday. No little bouquet of flowers would do.

I did happen upon some winners that almost applied... but not quite.


This little cutie is looking a little uncomfortably forlorn. I wasn't convinced, but I appreciate her dress.

I liked this one because I do wish you many happy returns...

...however I felt that the girl was somewhat spooky.

And maybe "many happy returns of the day" is a bit too... er... formal?

I thought this one was great, because come on! Lilacs!

But then I realized they were being displayed in a shoe that looks curiously like a cucumber.

This was an almost-but-not-quite.

I LOVED this one because come on, those are Lily of the Valley in a teeny, tiny truck being driven by a little sprite/angel/nudie baby.

This just confounded me. I think it's the scale that's the problem. Lily of the Valley are small, how big is that car? That little child?

And why does that child have SO MUCH HAIR? And what's that part of hair on the front of the child's head? This doesn't compute.

So naturally, it found it's way on to your birthday post.

This one caught my eye because of the first word.

Then I thought, "Wait. This is probably not a card that a sister would give a sister."

Moving on.

This one sort of threw me because I just cannot understand WHERE the phantom wrists and hands are coming from. And why anyone would ever think this is ok.

Finally, I decided on this one. Because it's lovely and simple and it has a beautiful font.

(Fonts are so important. Only the best fonts for you.)

All this said...

I am so glad you were born, Trish. I love you.


(This made me think of you.)


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