Foodnited States of America

This pleases me beyond words.

Have you seen this? Standing ovation for Chris Durso of the Foodiggity blog for this incredible project that was apparently inspired by his eight-year-old son and geography.

They're half way done creating puns for the 50 United States.

Oh, I do love a good pun. Yay FOR CLEVER PEOPLE!

You must check out the rest here.

When you're done:

Check out his site, Foodiggity. It's fantastic. It's a clever, clever (fun to read and satirical) food blog, but they also have a store. Which makes me smile:

So much good stuff:

Unicorn corn holders. $6.

Sloth tea infuser. $9.99 (pre-order)

Legless pirate cork screw. $14.99

And this: the grilled cheesus sandwich press. $39.99. (I'm not sure if this is blasphemy, but I do want to believe that God has a sense of humor.) Currently out of stock. (Obvs.)


So follow foodiggity on Instagram... he just added New Spamshire.


Normal Disclaimer: Nope, not compensated for this endorsement. :)



  1. i love this little website. i read some article with him talking about the project and how someone complained that their state didn't look accurate and he was like "i'm working with tiny cookie cutters and food, and an 8 year old - come on!" hahah. i loved this. so clever.
    the sloth!! i die....

  2. HAHAHA!!! This is fantastic. Very clever

    And the Sloth Tea Holder, OH MY GOSH.....So awesome!


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