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3/04/2015 01:30:00 PM
So last night, there we were watching the third season of House of Cards and I literally had to stop myself from watching 4 episodes in one night.

After the first episode of last night I told Craig, "I need to blog... but we can watch one more..."

And then we watched another.

And another.

And I didn't blog.


Evidently I have virtually no self control.


And I know I'm not the only one. This is apparently they way we roll now - in the world of streamed TV and instant gratification.

We uber a ride.
We download apps to order food, diagnose illnesses, learn languages and correct our yoga injuries.
We give our kids iPads so that they can "learn to write letters" with their index finger.
We haven't memorized a phone number since 1996 because our cell phones have that under control.

And we all tell ourselves that we totally don't have a problem.

"I watch the entire season of a TV show in 18 hours because I can, not because I need to."


But is that really true? Is that accurate?


In my defense, instantaneously downloadable TV shows are an insane wonder of God for those of us who grew up waiting for Thursday nights to watch The Cosby Show, ER and Beverly Hills 90210. We couldn't WAIT to see what happened next... but wait we did becuase wait we HAD TO. we don't have to! We can see it all NOW! RIGHT NOW! AS SOON AS WE WANT!

But then what?

After you watch all 12 shows, then what?


I don't have an answer.

I've never eaten a lollipop one lick at a time, I bite it. I crunch it up and devour it. Therefore it's obviously highly unlikely that I'd watch one episode of House of Cards and then turn off my AppleTV and wait until next week, at the same exact time, to watch the next episode.


So that's my excuse.



  1. Dude...I can't even tell you HOW many series I have binge watched. Since we got rid of our cable, we now only stream and have access to ALL these shows. I use to put the TV on the food network or Bravo or HGTV and just leave it there, now I "must" watch shows. Crazy!!

    Confession: I watched ALL THE SEASONS of Lost in about than 2.5 months. Let me break that down for you. That is 117 at about 42 minutes each. After I put Henry to bed and if Terry was at work i only had a couple hours each night. Weekends I could get 4 episodes in between nap and bedtime...especially if Terry worked. Seriously, I was watching watching like 12 episodes a week. KY, I mean SERIOUSLY.

    And when it was all done I literally felt Lost (yeah, weak...I know). But seriously, like what should I do now. Um, I don't anything!!! But once I started, I wanted to see it all now.

    So I took a couple weeks break and then watched the last two seasons of White Collar in a couple weeks :-/

  2. You seriously don't lick lollipops???!!! But that's the beauty of it!!!!!! (I know that was SO NOT THE POINT of this post but I got very sidetracked. :)

  3. Full House
    waiting for Full House on Tuesdays was the bain of my existence as a child
    it still plagues me, so i guess, in that way, Netflix is helping my kids escape that


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