Viv's 4th Birthday Recap

2/09/2015 05:08:00 AM

So, my baby turned four a couple of weeks ago. She literally woke up floating on air. She was so happy, so giddy... she couldn't even stand still.

It was fantastic.

She unwrapped her gifts from us before her party and it was a Calico Critters year. (YES!!!!)

She was thrilled.

To make it that much better, her grandparents were here to celebrate and she was so happy.

(I love this one.)

There was tons of playing while we got ready for her party

This year, she specifically asked for a "Spiderman / Princess" party. (Last year it was Minions.)

So, Spiderman / Princess party it was.

A pink princess table. A blue spiderman table. A mixed kids table.

And then there was this:

SpiderVivi's outfit.

(Which she styled herself.)

I love this kid.

On that strangely rainy and chilly Cabo day Vive wore her Spiderman outfit (with ab muscles and biceps) under her Rapunzel dress.

Because, obviously.

Lila went full-on princess. No Spiderman.

My sweet babies.

It was good time and Vivienne was particularly happy that her Handsome Prince, (her words not mine), was able to come.

"I'm going to marry him and kiss him."


It was just fun.

And Vivi was so happy.


My sweet baby.

I'm so glad you were born, Vivienne Kate.

And I'm even more glad that you got a reversible Batman/Spiderman cape for your birthday.

Here's her intimidating face.

I'm sorry for all the pics, but come.on.

She's pretty hard core.

Welcome to four, Vivi.

You're the coolest.


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  1. WeeVee is four!!! How is this possible?! Your kid rules. Just love her! XOXO -Sal

  2. just realized i haven't' seen a post from you on bloglovin since jan13!!!! why are they not posting!!

  3. I love everything about this!!! Well except how quickly time is going :-/

    I LOVE the spiderman and princess party :-)

    I love how excited she is, those faces, the hiding those emotions with her!

    Love her


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