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2/05/2015 10:26:00 AM

As it turns out, I will be traveling on Sunday -- during the Grammy's Red Carpet. [insert gasp] Will there be a grammy fashion recap? Probably not. Why? Because we're going on vacation (!!!) next week and vacation does not usually involve blogging.

(I apologize. But it's the grammy's. They're always weird there.)

• Am I the only person in the world who hasn't read 50 Shades of Grey and who doesn't plan on it, either? I just don't care.

I haven't read Harry Potter treasury either and I'm still alive.

I have taken to putting a magic 8-ball that Craig got for Christmas on my [very organized] desk at work and when people request something, I ask them to first consult the magic 8 ball.

So someone walks in and asks, "Can you help me with this? Do you have a minute?"

The magic 8-ball says:


"Answer unclear ask later"

"Consult me later"

And my personal favorite: "Don't bet on it"

I've also had a mini kinetic sandbox (thank you, Brookstone) on the table in my office and it seems to calm people down quite well. FYI.

I had my hair colored on Monday and was thinking about cutting it short, but I didn't. Because, I just am not ready. I may perhaps do that bob-shoulder-thing that appears to be so hip in 2015. Until then, I will still with the balayage. (What's that? See here. My mission is to educate.)

Just pinned it on the left.

• Have you seen that AppleTV has released the rest of the Downton Abbey season? Cannot.wait.to.watch.all.of.it.tonight. (I'm certain Craig is as excited as I am.)

That's all for now.

Oh wait.

Here's Lila explaining to me what she read in her Spanish reading book. (Link here if you need it.)
She giggles at the end because on the shopping list are "rollos de papel" (toilet paper).

I love her.


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  1. Love her! So impressive! It's hard to not laugh at rollos de papel


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