I'd marry him again.

So the husband did the unthinkable today: he willingly flew back to Toledo, Ohio in the middle of some sort of Polar Vortex insanity.

It's about 80 or so here in Cabo.

I believe it's approximately -80 in Ohio.

(Ok, I think the low for tonight was actually -18 - but really, that's about the same as -80, amIright ?)


So the husband flew home to surprise his Mom for her 60th birthday.

Which is, in my opinion, awesome.

Points for Craig. Complete surprise to his Mom. Hugs involved. Happy texts from both parties. So awesome.


And earlier today he prepared these and had them laid out for the girls:

A note for each day that he's gone.

Tied with ribbons.

(I had nothing to do with this.)

You guys...


I married the right man*.

End of story.


*I know, I know... it's almost too cutesy and lovey. I apologize. And no, our lives aren't perfect but of all of the things that are nuts in my life, this guys isn't one of 'em. 



  1. he's a keeper for SURE!! i love these little notes. adorable. so sweet, so thoughtful. :)
    love, Miss

    1. RIGHT? I mean the bows were time & labor intensive.

      Good man.

  2. I adore this! You got it right! He got it right! I love love & I love your love.... ❤️

  3. It's very sweet!! He obviously loves all 3 of you very much. I hope he has a parka at his mom's house. He's going to need it. 80 degrees sounds like heaven!

    1. RIGHT? Last night he used my whole name (which he never does) when he said, "KYLEE, it's colder than I can even describe."

      Climate change is real.

  4. i lost it at the bows. what a wonderful dad (and husband, of course). please tell me you'll save these for the girls to read again when they're 25. (and though he's obviously wonderful, he IS nuts for coming here now. i've never thought of running away more in my adult life than i have this winter....) :)

  5. Don't apologize! This is simply amazing. This makes me happy for so many reasons, but one in particular. Your girls (and I consider them a little mine too) will NEVER take any crap from any man. Craig already set the bar high (as it should be). And for that, I'm forever thankful. This world needs more Craigs in the lives of little girls. You chose right indeed. And I won't say you are "lucky", I'd say this is karma working on a positive way. You get what you give. Love you. The four of you.


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