Doin' a little online shopping.

2/15/2015 10:06:00 PM
So I'm watching the SNL six-hour marathon on NBC and I'm doing a little online shopping.

I love Anthropolgie. (But none of the dresses ever fit me. They're too long.)

So I had a bulldog. (She was the love of our lives. Her name was Nattie.)

So because of that, I was naturally inclined to click on that bulldog cookie jar.  See it? Bottom? Second from left?


Then I saw this.

I'm disturbed.


And I certainly don't feel like a cookie.


Womp, womp.



  1. That IS disturbing. I LOVE the "Happy" pillow though.

    I'm waiting for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, that puppy doesn't look too pleases either when you want to get a cookie. Good idea to pass on that one!


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