Dead air.

2/02/2015 09:37:00 PM
There are times in our lives when we're silent.

Every now and then these times sneak up on me... they startle me, really. Because as a general rule, I'm not silent. It's like a ghost jumping out from behind a corner unexpectedly at a Halloween Haunted House. (Which I would, by the way, never attend.)

That's not exactly the most fitting metaphor.


It's like when you're walking in a park and you subtly deviate from the trail and go toward a particular leaf that catches your eye... and then the next thing you know you're on a completely different path... wondering how you got there.


That doesn't fit.


It's like how sometimes you sit outside on your patio in the pitch dark evening sky and you hear it all.
The sounds of silence.

You appreciate the crickets.
The wind.
The geckos.

And you realize that silence is soothing.
Like an old friend, sitting quietly beside you.

So you grab some tea, and you sit a while longer... enjoying the peace.




That's it.

That's the metaphor.


I'm here friends.
I'm just leaning in to the peace.
Sitting with it a bit longer.


I'm leaning into the chaos and the growth.
The laughter and the tears.
The fullness that is life in these shoes.


I'm here.
Just taking a moment to be.


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  1. Love this. Awesome. I feel somewhat like that too. 30's rock.


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