SAG Awards Fashion Recap

...and so, let's talk about the fashion. (Because the show was pretty boring.)

Let's start with Most Improved. This goes to Keira Knightley. Here she is in Erdem. I mean, it's a million times better than the Golden Globes. She looks lovely.

Next is Claire Danes wearing Marc Jacobs.

I wanted so badly to like this dress, however, it's a halter and I'm physically unable. The color is lovely on her skin tone and the fit, well, it's perfect. BUT WHAT IS WITH THAT BELT?


And both my mother-in-law and I agree she needs lipstick. And I feel that her eyeliner is far too dramatic.

So here's Melissa Rauch in Rubin Singer. I adore this dress but it was far too long. Like, dragging-on-the-floor long. It didn't work.

But that color combo? Yes.

On to more red/pink dresses. Here's little Maise Williams in the cutest dress ever. I love it. It's age-appropriate and I'd like to wear it...

...but maybe I'm too old?

Edie Falco's gown is far, far too tight.

I mean.


I feel for her.

Here's Gwendoline Christie in another halter.

WHAT IS WITH THE HALTERS? Am I the only person who doesn't like them?
THIS IS TOO MUCH. Too much. That hair. Those lips. The fabric. NO. I cannot.

Look! A real-life Barbie! Here's Charissa Thompson wearing far, far, far too much pink.


[rolls eyes, moves on, wondering what's wrong with the world.]

So here's Amanda Peet in J.Mendel.


Yep, she's pregnant.
Yep, she's beautiful.

BUT that hair?
That dress?
It's ill-fitting and yucky.

Her up-top looks like the pipe and draping you'd find at a convention center during some sort of travel expo.
The triangle thing of fabric at her waist? It doesn't compute.

This is sad.

So Anna Chlumsky is wearing Escada and I seriously want to love it. 

It's very Star-Trek meets Lord of the Rings. Is it velour? Satin? I don't understand. But I do think that Anna looks the best she's ever looked.

Ariel Winter is 16.

I mean, could I wear this Christian Dior Couture outfit?

I am 5' 4" (I'm lying, I think I'm 5' 2.5"), but... Emma Stone looks incredible.

I don't love this.
I don't hate this.
It fits well.
It's fine.

But for the record - the MIL and I think that Emma Stone is perfection. Wow.

I mean, flawless.

Here's Emmy Rossum in Armani Prive and it's just like every-other Armani Prive gown. It's ethereal and lovely. But her styling is horrendous. That necklace? Choker. (Barf.) The hair-split-down-the-middle? No.


Here's Gretchen Mol in Dennis Masso

I believe she had just finished a choir concert and shot over to the SAG awards. Thankfully she was able to slip into this ridiculously un-attractive gown. This is ew.

It's a boring First Lady dress. This once belonged to Nancy Reagan.

Joan Collins looks lovely.
She's 81.

I love me a good print.

This is not a good print.

Naeem Khan should be embarrassed.

This garden party explosion on Natalie Dormer is eh.


And then there's this year's "Oops" award by Donna Karan and Balenciago, respectively.


So Julianne Marguiles is wearing Giambattista Vallie Couture and it seemed far to wanna-be-fancy-schmancy for the SAG awards, you know?

3,000 props for giving it a whirl, but you kind of over-dressed. This ain't the Oscars.

Julianne Moore is gorgeous. I mean, a ginger wearing an emerald green Givenchy dress?


Absolutely stunning.

I love this.

I love seeing Lady Edith looking all fancy and high-fashion. Laura Carmichael looks lovely, even though this is ANOTHER HALTER.

I just like her. So, whatever.

(I'm going to start wearing red lips everyday. Just like Taylor Swift. (sigh)).

Is Laverne Cox my worst dressed?

Um, dear friends, that would be too easy.

But I will vote her most frustrating bang highlights.

I Looooooooove this! (Sing that like Oprah would.) 

Lupita Nyong'o is so cool. She's gorgeous. This Elie Saab dress is PERFECTION. I love the print. I love the stripes. I love the neckline. I love her hair. I love her lip color.

This, my friends, is how you do it.

Am I the only one who would give her left hand to have Maggie Gylenhaal's hair? Oh man. I love it.
And I really do adore this Thakoon gown.

There's something about sleeves that I just adore.

So maybe Reese Witherspoon should tone down the blush? I mean everything seems a bit severe.

I hate that cap sleeve so much.


This is so [yawn] boring.

So, maybe it's because I wasted nearly two hours of my time watching Gone Girl this past weekend, but Rosamund Pike's Dior Haute Couture gown is dumb.

Honestly, dye that yellow, and ask yourself, "Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"


Sarah Hyland.


Here's Uzo Aduba in Angel Sanchez.

At first I hated this, because yellow netting.

But now? I think it looks kind of great.

Viola Davis looks lovely. 
That gown.
On her.
Looks lovely.


Let's chat about my best dressed:

Julia Roberts is amazing.
And I don't say this just because I think Steel Magnolias is one of the best movies ever made.
As I was telling my MIL, she just appears to be so self-assured.
She's gorgeous.
She always wears what she wants to wear.

I love this Elie Saab.



Her hair...


And next up in my "Best Dressed" section - Julia Louis-Dreyfus wearing a Monique Lhuillier gown.
It's romantic.
I love the neckline.
It's stunning.

Oh man, I love lace.
Yay, lace.

I wish I could stand like that.

I love Downton Abbey more than I should.
I audibly gasped when I saw Joanne Froggat wearing this black Honor gown.
It fit her like.a.glove.
Her hair was perfection.
Her makeup was subtle, yet lovely.
Fantastic styling. Love that bracelet.

Oh man. I love her. (But I hate Bates.)

As you may know, I love me a good pattern.

Rashida Jones looks amazing in Emanuel Ungaro. I love this. She's stunning.

All of this = what I would wear. [If I were taller.]

And finally, for my best dressed-o-the-evening: Jennifer Aniston wearing a John Galliano gown.

You guys: flawless? All of this.

I love her hair.
I love her necklace.
The gown fit her like a glove.


*I've surprised myself - I've never thought that Jennifer Aniston was best dressed worthy. I'm kind of embarrassed.

(Can I do my hair this light?)
Now let's move on to the worst dressed.

This is a given: Kelly Osbourne was just heading to work at Dunder Mufflin Paper Company and stopped by the SAG awards to give a "What up."

That skirt appears to be up-cycled from some sheets borrowed from the Playboy mansion.

Taryn Manning is wearing the least-complimentary color to ever exist: salmon.

And the second worst? Amy Poehler. Come.On.

Yet another terrible neckline.
She looks like she was wearing last night's makeup.
I have such disdain for this gown that I wonder if I don't need to go to anger management classes.


And finally, the worst of the evening:

I cannot begin to express how much I hate this whole look.

The extensions.
The pointy-boob.
The one-shoulder thing.
The corset-showing thing.
I HATE this.

She's gorgeous, but no.

I'm sorry Sophia Vergara.

That's all.

What did you think?



  1. I do not like Maggie Gylenhaal's hair. It looks like she let her toddler or child cut it with kiddie scissors. I would be so depressed if I had her hair! lol

    Sophia's body is so killer I didn't even notice the dress but it's pretty "slutty". Ariel Winter is the voice of Sophia the First! Whenever I see her it cracks me up. She is giving Sophia V. a run for the money in the big boob department. :-)

  2. Lupita, yes! Best!

    I totally agree with you, there is no place for halters in this world. Destroy them all.

    I do have to disagree with you though, my friend. I thought Rosamund Pike looked great. I liked that shape on her far better than whatever happened to her from the last award show. And I love her hair.

    Emma Stone, I will blindly follow whatever she does. Her outfit confused me, but I don't care. She's just cool and fun. So if she likes it, I like it.

    I can't really tell from these photos but boy, I would love it if Jennifer Aniston is wearing those silver jewelry tattoos that they advertise on Saturday morning television. That's exactly what it looks like is going down her sternum. I'm starting a rumor that it is.

    I wore Amy Poehler's dress to Homecoming my sophomore year. I do not like it either. "Anger management"... ha! I'll be your sponsor.


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