Kathy, Beyonce and Jimmy

1/06/2015 04:32:00 PM
"Knock, knock, who is it, donut."
Joke by Vivi.
(She's definitely mine.)

I don't want Kathy Griffin to host Fashion Police. There. I said it. I definitely don't think she's qualified. (I miss Joan.) I don't think I can watch it. And did you hear that George is no longer on the show? I bet he agrees with me about Kathy.

I follow Beyonce on instagram and I'll tell you what I've learned by following Beyonce on instagram: Beyonce loves Beyonce. Nobody loves Beyonce like Beyonce does.

While I'm not happy the holidays are over, I can take solace in the arms (or on the couch) of my Jimmy Fallon who is now thankfully back on every night. (Sorry Craig. But you love him, too.)

To reiterate: NO to Kathy Griffin. Eh to Beyonce. YES to Jimmy. And always yes to donuts.



  1. I have mixed feelings about Kathy on FP. I've watched her comedy show and her stand up, and I think she is hilarious...bawdy and inappropriate just like Joan. She also knows how to give some mean zingers to other celebrities. I think she could be really funny on the FP. I'll give her a chance. What big shoes to fill! (Or tiny since Joan was so small.). :-)

  2. Kylee you hit the nail right on the head!!! My sentiments exactly!!


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