It's the little changes, no?

1/20/2015 01:17:00 PM
So in an effort to be more green, I attempt to cancel out some of my consumptive life choices with better ones. (I believe "consumptive" to be a word, but I cannot be sure.)

Enter, my new "paper" towels.

For the past few months, I've reached for these cloth towels instead of the alternative.

Yes, paper towels still have a place in my life (dog vomit), but these are cotton and super absorbent and it seems like it's just better to use them, no?  Now, if you're looking for something to update your pretty kitchen towel need, these ain't em. For some reason, they don't all perfectly match. (Which is fine by me, for the purpose they're serving.)

They're $17.99 on amazon, you get 13 and nope, no one asked me to write this post.

Now if I could only get most of our local restaurants to stop giving take-home food in styrofoam. Oy, Cabo.


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