I want.every.single.one.of.these.

So Vivienne's fourth birthday is coming up.
While she's super in to Spiderman, Batman and The Hulk, she's also in to these:

Do you happen to remember these? As a kid, I remember them as "Sylvanian Families." I did a little research (wikipedia - not really research, more so typing into The Google) and apparently the company that distributed Sylvanian Families in the U.S. and Canada lost their naming rights back in the early 90's and they're now distributed as "Calico Critters."

And I, I mean, Vivienne, wants them all.

They're anthropomorphic little fuzzy animals and they come with teeny tiny, choking hazard accessories and Vivienne plays with her two little sets for hours. I mean, hours. Setting up the little tables, giving the little bunnies baths, it's precious.

Since her birthday is coming up, I'm thinking of getting her some more. She needs a family. Here are the ones that I like:

I mean, those hedgehogs are more than I can handle.

That's all for now.



  1. oh.my.word....hands down you must get the otters!!! Super adorable, my favorite animal! I'm trying to figure out if my husband would be upset if I got those for our 2-year old son?!!! I mean, I could always keep them for myself I guess....

  2. My kids love these too! They also have an "off brand" at Target called, I think, Little Woodsies? SO cute!!


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