Holiday Roundup: The picture from Christmas and NYE

1/04/2015 09:32:00 PM

I'm that person who loves the traditions of Christmas.

With a religious-like fervor I revel in unwrapping every.single.decoration. I love adding even more ornaments to the tree. Everything has a meaning. Everything has a story. Everything has its place. (I cannot WAIT to one day go through my Christmas decorations in Ohio... I digress.)

If I were allowed to really be me, every wall in my home would be covered with artwork and photos and decor of every.single.color.

However, the husband is a minimalist. So we compromise because from what I understand, compromise is what good marriages are built on. (That and wine.)

But all bets are off at Christmastime; I can clutter up the house all in the name of creating holiday memories for my ladies and I LOVE IT. (And so do they.)

So Christmas was fun. We made dozens upon dozens of cut-out cookies this holiday season. On separate occasions. The helpers and I just couldn't get enough.

It was so therapeutic for me to roll out the dough and cut out the cookies. I can't explain it. It was my jam this year.

We cashed about 5 sprinkles containers. (Yes, I said, "cashed." And hearing Spiderman tell her Daddy, "We cashed the sprinkles" made me laugh.)

This was Lila's best cookie.

(oops with the watermark on her face.)

She says it's a stocking. I think it looks like the Baja Peninsula. No matter, it's awesome.

Cookie sneaker. (And incidentally, I have the BEST cookie recipe in the world... The trick? Refrigerate the dough over night and use two teaspoons of almond extract. They're the soft, fluffy cookies. Not the crispy flat ones.)

So on Christmas Eve we got to it again. (LOOK at Vivi's bangs. Stop it. Then the Superman t-shirt and the Snow White headband. I love her.)

This one takes her job very seriously.

Also, note that we never do our hair unless we're going somewhere.

My Christmas Eve cuties.

We had to say adios to Sparklepaint the Elf and Lila was pretty tore up about it.

(She cried throughout the day. Sweet thing.)

No, she didn't draw the Elf pic - her babysitter did, but she colored it.

I found this on her Boogie Board.

"Sporcol Pait".

Ah, bilingual phonetic spellers are the BEST.

Our Christmas Eve-evening was filled with wonderful, wonderful friends and food. It was so beyond lovely and my whole family had such a great time. (Love you Debbie.)

Here's the only pic I took of us:

After we got home that night, we set out the cookies and milk (and carrots for the reindeer) and they were promptly eaten...

The letter was left from Santa.

The gifts were dropped off, as well.

(They had gifts to open from my sister and from their Grandparents... so don't think we go all nutso for the ladies.)

Here are all four of my ladies first thing Christmas morning!

I love how happy they are.

I especially love the smile on Lila's face here. So her. She's not overwhelmingly excited too often, but when she is, it's awesome.

Ah-hem... this is also very real.

So the girls wrapped up stuff they already had (or we already had) and gave it to us for Christmas.

Here's Vivienne giving Craig his tape measure back to him. He's so cute. He was so happy.

Not sure he's going to be happy about the bed head hair picture, but how sweet is he with his girls?

Lila wrapped up one of her books for me. It's one of my favorites: Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things that make me Happy.

She wrote on the paper:

"Mami I love iu. From Lila."

The stocking-opening.

Maybe I was more excited about this than she was?

Millie & Fergie were super excited on Christmas morning... with an old toy. Weirdos.


Vivienne wanted tools for Christmas. She was so, so excited.

My sweets-es.

The one on the left is 5-and-a-half years old. The one on the right will be 4 in less than a month.

She looks 10.



This is the Big One hugging the Little One. I believe this is after the Big One wrapped up and gave the Little One a coloring book that she had been looking for.

The dogs had gifts, too.

Look how long her hair is getting.



So excited about her cup from Aunt Taryn.

I just can't...

I love this man.

Yes, I wrapped up body wash.

So on Christmas day, we played. In our pajamas. All day.

Please note the tool belt.

So, this Christmas the Husband and I decide on just giving one another gifts we "made."

Note, this is not fair. The husband is an artist. He's an award-winning glass blower, ceramicist and photographer.

I am a blogger.

I gave him words.

He gave me this painting.

(Our last name starts with a B.)

I adore it.

I adore it.


He made the frame, the canvas, everything.

(Here's Lila for scale.)

We hung it in the hallway going upstairs to our room and the girls' playroom.

LOVE it. Each time I see it, I love it.

So that was Christmas.

And it was delightfully wonderful.


So was New Year's Eve.

We decorated.

We snacked.

We watched movies.

We laughed.

And there was no place we'd rather be.

During that night - the girls finally crashed around 9:30 p.m. but  until then they both kept telling us that this was the "Best.night.ever." and that they "LOVE OUR PARTY!"


Hearing the "Best.night.ever" comment makes the constant fighting, incessant tattling, arguing, screaming and even biting that much more tolerable.

Life is good.


Happy, happy new year, friends.



  1. Oh my gosh....I loved your Christmas story....and LOVE your " B " !!!!! What a wonderful beginning to safe....healthy and happy!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love EVERYTHING about this post!!

    First, I am so glad you and your family had a nice Christmas and New Years. It looked like it was so relaxing.

    Your kids are ADORABLE. Those smiles...STOP.

    I just can't believe how much they are changing. So grown up. Sigh.

    I also LOVE that Vivi asked for and got a tool kit. Fantastic!!

    Those cookies ARE the best. Period.

    That "B" is fantastic. Nicely done, C.!! (I bet your words were equally as fantastic)

    And New Years...AWESOME.

    We had a similar New Years Eve and I loved every minute of it. Then we proceeded for the next 4 days to lounge around the house (I believe at least 2 of those 4 days we never got out of PJ's) and take naps together (I never nap) and just cuddle and hang out. It was SO needed.

    Happy 2015 to you!!!

  4. Oh, how I love this Kylee.

    The girls, the gifts (that were already yours), The B! Seriously, that B is incredible. Go Craig.

    These pictures remind me much of my own childhood Christmas. Together, intimate, beautiful. Our Christmas now is a lot of running from here to there, which kind of breaks my heart every year. I'm happy you all get this special day together and that you do it so well.


    And I agree--she looks 10. Maybe even 11.


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