Happy Birthday to my Baby. Four.Years.Old.

1/24/2015 12:57:00 AM
Dear Vivienne,

Today is your birthday. You are now four. Four years old.

How did this happen?

I think you're a little uncomfortable with it, too.

The other night while I was tucking you in, your chin began to quiver and you told me, as a tear ran down your cheek, "I don't want to change my year." (Meaning, I don't want to turn a year older.)

I told you I'd love you even more than I do now when you turn four and you smiled and said, "Ok, then I will."

Vivi Kate, you're just cool.

I'll elaborate.

Since birth, you've danced into my life and have changed it for the better. (The MUCH better.)

1.) You make me laugh.

You, are by far, the goofiest, most laugh-inducing child I have ever met.



Your faces.

They are constant.

We don't expect you ever to merely smile... instead you feel your smile throughout your entire body. You eat something you like, you literally dance. When there's no music on.

And another thing:

You don't sit still.


You are kinetic motion and energy. Go. Talk. Laugh. Giggle. Jump. Sing. Chat some more. Run. Hop. Skip. Dance. Talk. Sprint. Jump. Sing...

>>Then repeat that 349 times a day.

2.) But you concentrate. And you like to play by yourself. "I want to be alonely."

You love to organize. ("Mommy, I will organize this for you.") You organize toys, shoes, socks, towels, you name it.

You love puzzles.

You love folding.

You love legos.

You love tiny things.

You love details. (That's my girl!)

3.) You're mechanically inclined. You figure out how something works immediately; and if for some reason you're not sure exactly how it works, you will not let us help you for you.will.figure.it.out.in.your.own.time.in.your.own.way.forever.and.ever.Amen.

We've learned to back away.

4.) Traditional gender roles aren't even in your realm of comprehension.

When you turned 3, you really didn't care for wearing dresses and preferred pants and shorts.

Now? You love dresses. Go figure.

But you also love overalls.

And your light-up Spiderman shirt.

And you see nothing wrong with applying makeup while wearing Buzz Lightyear pajamas. (Neither do I.)

You think princesses are cool, but your do appreciate a good spiderman piece. (In fact, you asked for a Princesses & Spiderman-themed birthday party this year...) And, you wear your Spiderman suit under your Tinkerbell dress and we call you, "Spider-Tink."

You don't think that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are just for boys - you drink out of turtles' thermos.

Once again, in your way, you've taught me that you are who you are and that's who you will be.

Oh man, and I love you.

5.) You feel the feels. Intensely.

You don't calmly and reasonably transition from one emotion to another.

I believe "threenager" may be coined from your behavior.

When you're mad, you're like super-ridiculously-get-out-of-the-way mad.

(You bit your sister less than a month ago. With your mouth. Hard. It left a mark. You said, "I did it on purpose!", instead of saying, "I did it on accident." We felt there was some truth to that mis-speak.)

And there are some simple rules that we live by and respect (for the most part):

When in your ear shot:

1.) Never ever say out loud that you're tired.
2.) Never ever say out loud that you're hungry.
3.) Never ever indicate in ANY way that you need to go to bed.

You kind of lose it.

I'm assuming this will improve as time goes on?

6.) You adore your sister.

When you're not with her; you talk about her incessantly.

You two play. And pretend. And laugh. And sing. And giggle. And argue. And tattle.

And love.

A couple of months ago Lila went to school and you stayed home because you were sick and all.day.long. you asked when she was going to get home. I think you were more sick because you missed her than what you actually were physically.

And honestly?

She feels the same way about you. She feels that you are so cute and tells you this frequently.
She teaches you letters and words and you proceed to tell her that you don't need her to teach you anything because you already know.


But when push comes to shove, you reach for her hand... and she always reaches back.

7.) You switched schools this year and the transition has gone well. You're in a class of nine and you are still, for the second year in a row, in love with your "handsome prince", Nico.

You refer to him in the possessive. You talk about him constantly. And you've declared that you are absolutely going to marry him. (We understand from his parents that he feels the same way about you. Which is good, because it seems strange to tell you, a four-year-old, that he's just not that in to you.)

8.) You're a peanut. You weigh about 31 lbs. (I need to measure your height.) You wear 3T pants, 3T shirts (and some 2T) and you wear a size 8.5 shoe. Or an 11. If you feel like it.

9.) Your food of choice? Life or Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with yogurt. And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

You'd eat just those things for every meal if we'd consent.

10. You love your babies.

You hold them, feed them, diaper them, talk to them and throw parties for them.

Especially "Baby Shirley" -- named after your Nana...

And there's Happy the bear, too.

11. You're resilient.

You can get hit in the head with a "who-ni-fier" (humidifier) and you still handle it... with as much grace as humanly possible...

Sweet girl,

You are full of love... for your doggies...

And especially for this guy.

You call him your "Cutie Daddy" and you tell him regularly that he looks handsome or cute. Or that you like his hair.

You consistently declare that he can fix ANYTHING. (And he can.)

And you ask me to tuck in your shirt so that you can look like him.

You wanted tools for Christmas this year because Daddy has tools.

It's been a crazy-busy, fun, intense and change-filled year and you've handled it so well, sweet girl. If anything, you've helped us handle it well. New house, new school, so many changes...


You have grown up so much this year, Vivienne

How did you go from this...

 ...to this in one year?!

I love you so much, sweet WeeVee.

 You are beautiful.

 You are inquisitive and intelligent.

You're unique and fun.

You're kind and loving and sweet.

And you're brave and funny.

And I am so beyond glad I was given you as my baby.

I'm glad you were born, sweet pea.

I will love you forever and ever. And ever.

Happy birthday, Vivienne Kate.


• • • • •
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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Vivi from her beautiful mama. Thanks for sharing it. And happy birthday to Vivienne!

  2. how absolutely beautiful. what a birthday message to her, and what a treasure for her to read back on in the years to come. i'm so glad you have each other to love. and i won't lie.... this has upped my excitement factor about having a little girl. :)

  3. Oh goodness. This child brings a smile to my face. Such great photos you have of her. Happy Birthday, Vivienne!


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