Happy Birthday, dear amiga!

1/30/2015 09:28:00 AM

It's your birthday.
Believe it or not I'm having a difficult time writing this post because you're just... awesome.

You are so real.
So true.
So loyal.
So kind.
So honest.
So amazing.

I love our friendship; there are no pretenses. There is never judgement. You are authentically and purely a wonderful human being.

You love my kiddos and are so kind to them; they call you "Tia." I'm so glad you're in their lives.

You have been there for myself and for my family countless times.

I will never forget seeing your face after the hurricane; and how we both cried.

It's in those moments, isn't it, that our feelings for our friends are underscored.
While I don't say it enough, I treasure our friendship.

I love you for many reasons, but most of all - I love that we always laugh when we're together; when we're texting; whenever.

You get me.
And I get you.

Honestly, thank you for your help, your conditional love and for your friendship over the years.

I'm so glad you were born and I can't wait to celebrate you tonight!


(Because only you and I would appreciate all of these dog pictures. Trust me... I had far more that I wanted to include...)


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