What they Say. Volume IV.

12/15/2014 11:25:00 AM

1. (This one was pre-Hurricane, last July at her old school.) Valentina had a birthday party at school and her parents brought Cajita Felizes (Happy Meals) for all of the kids. Vivi apparently got a cheeseburger.

Me: What did you have for lunch, Vivi?

Her: I had a cheeseburger

Me: Was it good?

Her: No. It had a tomato on it...

(Obviously this is a big deal when you're 3.)

Her: ...and GLUE!

Me: Your cheeseburger had glue on it?

Her: Yes, and it was dee-scusting. I threw it in the trash.


Glue = mayo

Future note: Don't put mayo on Vivi's cheeseburgers.

2. When she needs to do math, Lila chooses to her use her "CONKulator."

"Mom, can I use that CONKulator."

Certainly. Ok. Now what is that exactly?

3. Lila uses the word "great" instead of "good".

If something is worrisome, "That's not great..."

If you ask her how she's doing, "I'm great."

If she wants you to praise her, "I'm doing a great job, right?"


randomly singing at lunch

4. Vivi calls air conditioners, "hair conditioners" and I refuse to correct her. She also calls humidifiers, 'Who-ni-fiers" and I love that, too.

5. We were shopping at a consignment furniture store down here in Cabo pre-hurricane and Lila saw a vibrant tapestry table runner, she immediately said "Oh that is beautiful, Mama. I bet God made it."

6. Both of my children refer to Hurricane Odile as the, "HurN-ih-cane."


7. Lila and Vivienne call "capes" "caps." So, when they're playing Elsa and Anna from Frozen, they say, "Can you tie this towel on me so that it's my cap?"

We've told them "cape" a million times.


8. The other day I was trying to get something out of a cooler filled with ice. I was looking and looking but couldn't find it. My hands were FREEZING. What does Lila do? Runs and gets me a little basket and says, "Here, put the ice in here. It will help you."

I said, "Thanks!"

Then she responded with, "I like to help my grown-ups."


Grown-ups, I learned, means "parents".

Proudly wearing a dress that belonged to her cousin, Aubrey. (Lila *adores* hand-me-downs)

9. Vivienne calls buttons "buddums."


10. And my favorite:

Me: How'd you sleep? What did you dream about?"

[no pause, no hesitations...]

Lila: Unicorns.


Have a wonderful week.


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  1. I LOVE these posts. I haven't dreamed about unicorns since I was... well, 5.

    I think you're a great "grown-up" by the way. :)


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